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  1. Has anyone found a way to activate it in windows 7 there isnt a toolbar button in the explorer tools menu
  2. the download link is not working
  3. recently i had to uninstall a couple of programs and the dock has messed up and theres a couple of blank spaces in it AND WHEN I HOVER MY MOUSE OVER IT , IT SAYS THE NAME OF THE SHORTCUT THAT USED TO BE THERE AND I CANT DRAG IT OR RIGHT CLICK IT NEEEEED HELP PLZ ICON.bmp
  4. has any one got an icon hover effect like the one on vista where it highlights icon as u drag ur cursor over it plz could someone find it or make it
  5. it would be great if you could have the choice to move the dock to the left and right of the screen like on objectdock
  6. on 5.6 the minimizing windows, when i choose genie affect it dosent do anything its like i have no option selected like the way the windows minimize to the taskbar can any 1 help me plz?
  7. http://nemecsx.narod.ru/Theme/XWindowsDockInstaller.zip i tried this download link but i still cant download it ive tried fire fox, safrai and i.e
  8. could anyone give me the link to the download
  9. could someone upload the 5.6 installer todifferent website for me i cant seem to download it from the original link
  10. i also have a feture request u no when u click on the icon it bounces it would be good if i had other things that it does and how fast it does it
  11. i get the similar thing on my xp using xwindows dock 5.4 By Panta: please avoid reproducing images within quoted messages.
  12. it wont let me download it it says Failed to Connect Firefox can't establish a connection to the server at nemecsx.narod.ru. also tried it on i.e could u upload it to a different website
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