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  1. very nice work this new version, thx a lot! now it runs quite well on my pc, except some minor problems (e.g.: changing a lot of icons causes a crash of explorer.exe). it would be nice, if the next release would run a little bit more smooth and fast. edit: i experienced another problem: when i select several items, the coverflow-bar wents black and if i click it, the explorer will crash. i also have a question: is there a way to get better fonts? i adjusted the font-texture-size to 1024px, but it doesnt seem to do any improvement.
  2. this looks very promising, however I failed to install :-( the installer somehow didn't work for me, errors all the time and when I unpacked the files and rund the install.cmd, it installed it. but whenever i opend the explorer, it crashes immediately after i enabeled coverflow. anyone managed to install this on vista x86 SP2?
  3. are you trying to drag shortcuts to the dock? this wont work..try to drag the real .exe of the desiered program, then there will be made an shortcut in the dock for you
  4. if you are familiar with editing .dll libraries, you could make the changes in the uifile within the shellstyle.dll, but therefore you need an app to edit such libraries and know the hex-code of your desiered colour.
  5. there is v5.6 already? where? i still use v5.4 but again i solved the problem: i accidently ran xwd as admin, but without that it works great using the scheduler.
  6. so, starting xwd by the windows sheduler doesn't seem to work. i get the following errors after logon: "acces violation at adress 00406446 in module xwindowsdock.exe. read of adress FFFFFFF." and "list index out of bounds (4)." can anyone help me to get xwd start properly? thx
  7. very nice, thx a lot! just the ugly blue colour isn't my taste ;-) and some icons aren't displayed properly but thou the quik-info it's no real problem.
  8. my desk atm, just very minimalistic...
  9. hi again, i encounterd some other problems: first: i want xwd to start together with windows (still vista 32bit). using the build in option doesn't allways work correctly...the xwd.exe starts but the dock itsellf doesn't show up. i'm gonna try to start it with the windows sheduler, maybe this work. but the other thing is that sometimes (stack-)folders got duplictaed or disappear...any idea? second: i have an external hard drive (wd mybook 1tb), which is encrypted with truecrypt 6.1a. after installing xwd the hdd keeps on flashing the light after bootup (autoboot when pc is powerd up), which i
  10. i had to take full ownership of the xwd-folder...this also helpt me at cda2. btw: does anyone know a way to permanently hide the taskbar at vista?
  11. i searched...and i didnt find any solution... and yes i enabled it of course edit: nevermind, i solved it by myselfe...
  12. hi, i just found this wonderful dock, but somehow windows doesnt minimze into dock (using vista 32-bit), whats wrong?
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