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  1. In fact, those are all sharewares, and good ones ($$$). Here are some open-source alternatives I use everyday. Photoshop CSx replacement (for bitmap graphics) Gimp : www.gimp.org Illustrator remplacement (for vector graphics) Inkscape : www.inkscape.org For coding, you can use Kompozer, which is a great WYSIWYG editor to start with. http://kompozer.net/ But there is actually no open-soucrce soft as powerful as Dreamweaver, but it's still doing the job. Good luck!
  2. A nice feature for v2 would be to be able to choose a PNG icon designated to a certain file type in the stacks. I have a stack which is all my school work, mainly Excel and Word files. I don't want to, each time I create a new file, have to change the icon manually in the stack (because the icon displayed right now is all blurry probably because the icon designated to those files is 52 pix). So a solution is to have a tab in the stack preferences which regroup a list of file types and a link to a PNG file, so when this type of file is displayed in the stack (for example *.xlsx), the designat
  3. Simple as a blink, just drag&drop! That's the technology!
  4. I think I've found a solution for you! In fact, that happened to me before. I thought Internet Explorer was the problem but no, it was XWD's fault :rolleyes. Try to go to C:\\Program Files\Internet Explorer\, right-click on iexplorer.exe, click on the compatibilty tab and check "Execute this program as the administrator" and finally click on ok. You sure need the admin rights Now, try opening internet explorer again. It should ask you the right to execute itself with the admin rights, click "Yes" and (I hope so) ta-dam! Internet Explorer opens! Hope this works for you!
  5. Well, I can assure you it's doing it on my computer (even with default config). You have to be at the very bottom of the screen, remember. BTW I'm Windows Vista Premium SP1, my screen is 1680x1050... Here's a screenshot :
  6. The dock isn't magnifying when you pass your mouse on the VERY BOTTOM of the screen. Try that : 1. Put your mouse in the bottom-left corner 2. The go to the bottom-left corner making sure the mouse is on th very bottom of your screen 3. Ta-dam, the dock is magnifying only on the corners and when your mouse passes over the icons, it just shows the name of the applications, but doesn't magnify them! (proof that at least the mouse's position is detected) Happens too when you go fastly from the center of the screen to the very bottom (passing over the dock). So yeah, anoying bug...
  7. I don't think it's a bug, in fact it's just that the conversation windows are set as "Tool window", so when one is minimized, all of them are. Same as if you minimize firefox with the download manager opened, then the download manager minimize too. By Panta: moved along with the previous post.
  8. Would be nice that when a stack is activated, it keeps the same icon instead of becoming the kind of rounded-square with an arrow in it. Good work!
  9. Found a bug! 1. Open an explorer window by Win+E 2. Minimize it to dock 3. Open a new explorer window by Win+E Result : The minimized window reappears behind the new one! Does not happen when doing the same manip with the "My Computer" icon, it simply maximize, but without animation...
  10. French translation for 5.6! Traduction française pour la version 5.6! Français.xml
  11. Yeah, disable, that's what I meant, sorry (native french). I know about this soft but the point is I would like to keep maximized windows full-screen. So a little "disable window reflection when maximized windows" checkbox in the next release would be my only demand!
  12. What would be wonderful is to add the ability to unable window reflection when a window is maximized (because now causes the icons to reflect themselves and it's not refreshed often enough so it's not beautiful...) Excellent soft BTW
  13. French language for 5.4! Traduction française pour la version 5.4! Français.xml
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