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  1. First off, thanks to everyone who've been gracious enough to walk me thru some of Skinstudios features. Here's what I have done so far on my Visual Style
  2. I got the start panel to finally work, but it was all just guessing ( which I dont want to do.) There must be some set reliable formula for skinning successfully. I refuse to believe that everyone who uses Skinstudio either simply copies the "Extras" details of some previously existing Visual style OR just wastes HOURS guessing at which margins, etc. to use for the pieces to fit. Anyway, here is my basic start panel after hours of guess work. As you can see tho, the shut down and Log off buttons are cut off by the start panel. So Im still not happy with it. But this is the closest that I can g
  3. The first image is of a basic start panel I designed The next image is how it looks after I imported into skinstudio, tried a number of configurations and applied it. Honestly, this program is not for beginners, nor do any to the tutorials explain things as if to someone who's never used it before.
  4. I tried it and still, I cant get this to work. My biggest question is why the hell did the designers of skinstudio decide to require that you take a single image (such as the Start Panel) and slice it into 5 seprate images, then have to try (through trial and error) to reassemble them by stretching, squeezing, margins, etc. in skinstudio? Those idiots should have kept it simple and atleast have an option that only requires a SINGLE image for the entire panel. As it is, I have already created a start panel with Photoshop, I sliced it up into the various parts, saved each part seperately, an
  5. Ok, I would llike to create my own Style. SO far, I've only been able to create images for already existing styles. The reason is because I do not understand all of the various options required in Skinstudio. I've found these three tutorials on creating skins: http://www.wincustomize.com/articles.aspx?...08&c=1&UID=1023 http://wiki.wincustomize.com/wiki/Windowbl...tart_Panel_Pt_1 http://wiki.wincustomize.com/wiki/Windowbl...tart_Panel_Pt_2 but I have never found anything that actually explains what each of the options in skinstudio does aswell as how they affect the final product.
  6. I haven't created an entire style yet. So far, I've only imported my own images to alter the Diamond Style. But I can post the start button aswell as the taskbar. I'm working next on the start panel.
  7. Incase anyone likes my design, here's the .png image that you can import into your visual style and use
  8. I tried it and It Worked perfectly! You just solved 4 months of stress for me. This is my screen now with redone taskbar
  9. ThnX a Bunch. I'll Try these suggestions.
  10. I am having a problem applying a taskbar that I created. I want to create a taskbar that is nearly the width of my screen (resolution is 1280 pixels), with rounded edges. Thats the simple part. I know that the .PNG image for a taskbar should consist of TWO images (a top and a bottom) like this: [First Image Here] However, when I apply a more detailed taskbar image, the image is stretched, distorting the details (pixelating them). [second Image Here] I've tried creating a taskbar thats slightly shorter than the width of my screen (Height: 30 pixels Width: 1260 pixels) so as to prevent
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