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  1. theres a new browser its called lunascape, its originally a Japanese browser but they decided to make an English version it claims that it has all three browser engines webkit (chrome and safari) Trident ( IE ) and Gecko (Firefox) apparently you can switch between them with a simple click of a button on the browsers tool section i think... it also claims its the fastest browser ever made blowing IE and Opera completely out of the water this is the site here http://www.lunascape.tv/ Haven't tested it yet but ill tell you guys what i think of it as soon as i do
  2. mm yeah... Firefox has loads of add ons and stuff like that it is very customizable and yeah ive also tried google chrome it looks very impressive and its quite fast too but still FIREFOX
  3. alright guys... which browser do you think is the best? please have reasons to why you think its so kick-ass! Currently I'm using Firefox... I already know its kick-ass but still if you also think Firefox is the best just let me know why
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