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  1. Heres mine, i got a new toy recently and had to rearrange my desk, lol, but it was worth it. (the toy btw is the Intuos.3 btw)
  2. quick question about RunMe (im at school so i can't get to their site and check it out, i saw some pictures of it on google though) can you have them in a horizontal row? and also, how thin can you make the buttons to open it? also (as a side note) any ideas on how to get information out of an XML file and bring the data into C++? and also, if you start out with a blank project in Microsfts VC++, how do you make the Command Prompt now show? I'm attempting on making my own, as a little project to learn more C++, since i know so little... you may say start with something easier, but i am star
  3. see, i thought about that, but thats what i don't want to do, i want an app where they are like drawers that slide out for the applications and actually have customizable backgrounds and stuff, i don't just want stacks that fly out... thats what im using right now, and personally am sick of it
  4. is there anything that lets you make tabs on your desktop, sorta like a dock, except they are small tabs on the edge of your screen, and you click on one, and it opens up into a drawer where you can access your icons? (wow, runon, lol) I've looked dor desktop drawers app and desktop shelves app and desktop tabs on google (if i left out app it would bring me to places to buy drawers and shelves... google can automatically translate app to application if you didn't know) . If you could find one (or make one) i'd be greatly appreciative Here are photoshoped images of my desktop with what im s
  5. You have to remember, Windows 7 is a BETA, don't go getting to comfortable with it since your gonna have to buy it this year if you wish to continure using it. and i doubt anyone will make updates to ther apps for an operating system thats still a BETA. so i doubt this will be fixed till Windows 7 is officially released....
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