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  1. Hey, there is still traffic on my webspace from this. But i am sorry, i moved to the mac world years ago, and i think it is understandable that i don't do anything in this direction anymore. Ah btw. i can only advise to do the same ;-) Thanks for using this back then, and have a good time. Vjay
  2. Yep yep the link is working again. I wrote here whats about some progress: http://www.aqua-soft.org/board/showthread.php?t=40021
  3. Are there already finished pngs / animations? It would be easier for programmers to decide "ok i just do it" if it wouldnt be associated with to much work (searching or graphic-editing)
  4. Hi, sorry i deleted the file accidentally at the last page update. Im waiting for months for a working 64bit pascal-compiler. Im running on 64bit XP and so only 32bit apps get animated. So before i do anything new i want it working for all apps. Borland announced a 64bit native Delphi in 2007, but i think until then im running on Vista and there is no need for a vanim anymore. the freepascal project has a first alpha version but it throws too many errors to get something stable out of it. Im too lazy to (re)learn c++ and use visual studio 2005, i took a look into it, but ... uah, th
  5. Thx thx, i have to say sorry, i discovered Ragnarok-Online and played it since then nearly in a big marathon. Seems im addicted But ive taken 5 miutes and brought out a new release )
  6. Hi, im not doing very well, i started getting ill yesterday and im sitting @work, counting the minutes. I cant concentrate on anything, so i started surfing around and thought, maybe theres something new on aquasoft (this is a verrryy unlikely case, but the faith dies at last;)). And it conjured a little smile on my face to see here is some activitiy after all the time. Oh yes, i totally forgott to support the font-settings... that often happens when you program sth. for yourself and you dont use a function. Maybe i fix that this weekend, because dont want to go to party or anywhere else in
  7. Hi there, i dont know this App. Try adding the topdesk.exe to the VAnim exludelist. Greetings
  8. Hi, nice idea. Some tips for you: 1. Dont use a OCX or sth., use the mmsystem and control the mixer directly, especially commercial OCXs which you have to register hack or whatever and of which you have no sources. Do you know what the OCX does what you dont know about?! 2. Let the user decide which keys he wants to use, dont present a list where he has to select them. Use a Editcontrol and when the user presses keys scan the codes and use them. The program crashed while setting down the volume -> screenshot. Its in german cause my vbruntime dlls are in german. Maybe the ocx cra
  9. @fc PNG: Yes i have them, but im unsure about the way ill take. I think i use the gdiplus.dll like all the other applications do. The highest priority for me is to hold the application tiny and fast, and the gdiplus is really big, but most othere apps use it 2, so it wouldnt matter anymore. The only requirement is that the user would delete them from any application and move a copy to his system32 directory, so not X different versions are loaded into ram. PS drawing without alphatransparency is much faster than drawing with it... Until then the halo - effect is hard-coded in the progr
  10. @fc, Yes i will build in new options, this was more a simple test if it works the way i thought of. I'm testing the new version like you only since two days and it seems that it really runs stable. Yeah i finally made it :) In OSX the Editcontrols are round at the edges. Look on top of this page the forum-search-edit looks like it. Original this program was designed or "invented" to give you the last step in OSX emulation - that a visual style cant do. Because of that all defaults are(and will be) set (like the buttons) to emulate osx. To your buttonproblem: The function to take them fro
  11. Hi there, i fixed that and upped the new version. But for some reasons i cant edit my first post. You can download the new version and just replace the hookdll, this should make it (+reboot . Im thinking about making the Editcontrols round like in osx, but i dont know if this would result in too much problems with different apps, that are designed for normal edits.
  12. Hi fc, yep i was a lot lazy the last w.. hm months I know that there were serious bugs in the "old" versions, because i learned while i built em. That includes a lot of playing and testing around and changings here and there and thats how bugs are born. Hm, i never mentioned a shutdown - problem, okay a stayaliveuntilshutdown-problem but not a shutdown problem. - Sorry, other people other systems, i cant test every case because of that you can post your experiences and problems here. 1. I never read of that problem 2. How often do you reinstall??? I install only once a year or so, and
  13. Hi, i viewed my weblogs a little time ago and im suprised, peaople are still downloading this. I have uploaded a new version - link is in the first post for everybody who is interested in. Grettings Vjay
  14. I just wanted to say thank you, i use this Plugin since you posted it here. It is simple but very usefull Thx
  15. No i meant if you are annoyed of me (or how its called) it was just a joke. No, the modules have nothing to do with each other. I'll look what i can do, but i think i have no time for that the next weeks. Maybe i can do something tomorrow, otherwise you have to live without it until then.
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