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  1. I have a mac 17" powerbook with isight, and a few windows PC's. I have family members that have pcs and also own the isight. Is there a common program that windows and mac users can use to utilize the isight with for sound and video?
  2. I have to agree , the expose' on my 17" powerbook is the sexiest thing . Im so happy that I purchased Panther. So far, nothing but net! Nice shot Apple.
  3. H4rM

    G5 Wallz

    Been trying for 3 days, here is the mesg I get everytime. This site is temporarily unavailable because it has exceeded it's daily bandwidth allotment, please try back later. Why not post them on a place that has no limits? Send them to me Ill put them on a place and put a link here.
  4. H4rM

    G5 Wallz

    None of the links work for me, can anyone post them somewhere to get, or maybe can I get a send from someone to [email protected]
  5. absolutely beauttiful a 1600x1200 would be better for me.
  6. H4rM

    Weather Docklet

    Hmm.. Yzdock is still the best dock to me. Still using it and working like a charm.
  7. It works in Windows under MSN Messenger 6 with no problem, but only video , not sound.
  8. I bought an iSight for my powerbook, works great with iChatAV, but I dont use aim. I dloaded the msn messenger version for the Mac, but it doesnt support video or audio. My brother and now a friend have also bought the iSight, but in windows the mic doesnt work and there doesnt seem to be any drivers. Anyone know if Apple is doing something about this? Its a great cam, but I would hate to have to return it along with my friends for the toy-lookiung ones that are sold for pc's.
  9. UK one worked for me, Latin America did not . (in Orlando, Fl.)
  10. iTunes, I have never liked winamp. Every time I have tried using it, just never cared for it, prefered QCD up until now. Itunes is best.
  11. Looks just like the Mac OSX one from Konfabulator.
  12. H4rM

    Weather Dock

    guys, just change your YZ dock weather thing to wunderground. 1st go to http://www.wunderground.com and type in your zipcode, then highlite the url at the top, should look like this http://www.wunderground.com/cgi-bin/findwe...yourzipcodehere, and then p[aste it into the weather deocklet, when you right click it works great here.
  13. Make a 1600x1200 one if you got time.
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