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  1. I like running indicators....lots of times I'll quit Outlook or IE, and their window closes, but their process is still running (for whatever stupid reason)...the running indicators in Objectdock let me know that even though I "closed" the app, the process is still running and I need to kill it.
  2. Early development???? OD 2.0 has been in development for two years now! Most folks have given up hope that it'll ever see the light of day. Any estimate at all for a "planned for" release date? Sometime before 2011?
  3. It's be cool if you could do a "flyout" docklet (like Objectdocks weather docklet) that when you hover over it you get flyouts of several comics to choose from
  4. See the news item here http://macdailynews.com/index.php/weblog/comments/18707/ What will this mean for Objectdock???
  5. I also noticed with a document that has more than 10 pages the last digit gets "wrapped" to the next line so instead of 10/14 you get 10/1 with the 4 shown below the 1 10/1 4
  6. Maybe I don't quite understand the settings....I have the docklet set to show #pages printed/total, but it displays weird numbers.....is the second value actually "# of pages remaining"? Because say I have a 7 page document.....if it were "total" I would think you'd see 1/7, 2/7, 3/7 etc....but I end up with 1/6, 2/5, 3/4, etc...
  7. You got the idea right, and it would be some work to orient and skew the graphs and yes, the rearmost monitor is only a partial screen, so the graph area would have to be narrower. I like your solution showing the two graphs...my suggestion would be to eliminate the graphic of the two monitors and just show the graphs...it's kinda hard to see them with the picture of the monitors overlayed
  8. any thoughts on my earlier request for animating the icon?
  9. It would be cool if you could use one monitor of your icon for a moving graph of relative upload bandwidth being used (like the CPU monitor docklet) and the other monitor for showing download bandwidth. Hope you know what I mean...a graph like DUmeter shows...only overlayed onto the respective monitor in your icon. They could still be overlapped - the green monitor active area for scrolling would simply be smaller than the blue monitor.
  10. Works well...now if we could just choose our own icon
  11. Ha....so simple, and yet I missed it....thanks!
  12. Works well as a monitor...one suggestion...when you click it, it should open the associated drive. The way it is now, I need to have a shortcut icon to my drive on the dock along with your monitor icon...if your monitor docklet could open the drive when clicked, I could eliminate one icon per drive. Also, maybe a "nice to have" feature, but not necessary. I like to show total space and free space available only (no used space). When a person only checks one or the other of "free space" or "used space", but not both, you should center the text on the icon instead of leaving it left or right justified...it looks unbalanced when only one value is displayed...hope you understood that.
  13. Norton has been flagging this on my system for months now....it's a false positive.
  14. From page 21.... "Ok, I told my compiler to automatically generate a build number. In the next release you will see something like:,, etc... (last number is build number). You will be able to see this by right clicking on StackDocklet.dll, choosing Properties, then Version tab, then File Version in the list."
  15. My first comment is.....your link doesn't work should be http://desktopimage.blogspot.com/2008/05/7...-1920x1200.html Some nice pics in there...thanks for sharing
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