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  1. Heyo, I'm Joel. I've been here over 2 years (Jovu was my previous account, lost the password & couldn't recover because my site died that my email was on) but never really got involved in the forums, originally joined up for the skin, which by the way is absolutely beautiful. I'm a keen mountain biker & love anything to do with mountains & forests. I have been playing guitar for getting on for 4 years now, I mainly play punk & heavy metal, but I listen to just about every genre you could think of. I've been a mac user for just under a year now having fallen in love with my uncl
  2. My desktop with Dell 22" monitor plugged into my MacBook Pro in clamshell mode. This setup doesn't work anymore as I don't yet have a Mini DisplayPort > DVI adapter, that shall change soon though In The Photo: Bottle of water, Labtec 2.1 System, Dell 22" Monitor, iPod Classic 80GB, Wacom Bamboo Fun Tablet, Swiss Army Champ, Apple Wired Keyboard, Logitech MX Revolution. This is my current setup with my new Aluminum MacBook, an IKEA bedside table, although it spends most of the time on my lap.
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  4. I use Adium for MSN chat & Skype for video, both perfect programs
  5. Google hands down. Always delivers the best results for me, plus it's the fastest.
  6. I have my MacBook plugged in whenever possible. Sure, the battery lasts a long time, but I'd rather keep it that way for when I really need it.
  7. Final Cut, Quicktime X, iTunes, Photoshop, Handbrake, Adium, Audio Hijack Pro, Audiobook Builder, Transmission & Firefox are the ones I use the most, along with VMware Fusion.
  8. Just wondering if anyone else has experienced database errors for the last 48 hours? I can't see anything about it elsewhere on the site.
  9. I was looking all over for a full set of leopard icons, & didn't find a thing, so I finally found out how to access the .icns files. I thought there's probably allot of people looking for these, so I put together a .zip of pretty much all of 'em! They're PNG's, easy enough to save as icons again if for some reason you needed too. The .zip also contains a bunch of app icons. Clicky to download!
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