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  1. I never suspected it was AveDesk. As soon as I quit it all magnification and labels started working and I can now move my icons around. Thanks guys for posting this solution. I was gritting my teeth over my static dock.
  2. I tried 5.4 again and I got another access violation error and it refuses to load. Could you please fix 5.6?
  3. Sorry randomus r but the link in that page goes to the 5.6 install.
  4. Since no one has a clue what is up with the lack of magnification in 5.6 then could someone please send me a link to download 5.4 again. It's the only version that worked on my computer.
  5. It's a FAQ about XWD. It will be stickied to the top of the forum so new people can see it and not have to ask the same basic questions over and over. Though I think there should be a more thorough Help file within the Dock itself because the "Help" button kind of sucks. Though I think I will change my vote to having a FAQ at the top of the forum because then it would get updated more often. Edit: mps69 beat me to the answer, I'm a slow typist.
  6. Why would Windows not allow the use of global hooks if the magnification worked in the last versions that I've used? It worked perfectly with 5.4 but I had to update after the dock started to malfunction. Now things don't work. I have Vista 64-bit installed.
  7. everything works fine except the magnification. I also can't move any icons around. By Panta: no need for double-posting! Use edit instead... :slant:
  8. I just started getting those same errors all of a sudden. And eventually my dockitems file got reset to default and I lost all of my programs.
  9. @Atreiu, thanks. I think my problem was that I was trying to drag images from online without saving them first. Is it possible to do that? I like to edit icons I find online first and then save them. But it does work when I try to open files within my own computer.
  10. This is for the new xLauncher docklet. I can't get it to launch images into Photoshop. Photoshop opens but no image inside. Also, it seems to have an effect on the dock. Sometimes the labels disappear, the icons won't move around and some icons will darken if I edit them. It's only sometimes though, not all the time. Overall, it's a great start.
  11. That's great, I visit everyday to see what's new.
  12. Thank you very much, everything is perfect and all the bugs I experienced are fixed. In appreciation, I offered to donate my time by slicing the PSD files for the new website. Hope it helps.
  13. How about the realtime changing of the text on a label. If someone has a music player on such as Pandora where the title is always changing, it would be nice to see what song is on by just hovering over the icon.
  14. Thanks Elevati0n! That was extremely helpful, I didn't know that you could do that through Properties. I applied that to a couple of other programs of mine as well.
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