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  1. Hi, I really can't see the difference between them, "Lineal" and "Fountain", can someone tell me what are them ? By Panta: moved. No need to create a thread just for that.
  2. Gracias :B ****Another Bug**** like the above post, but it shows like this: Dibujo.bmp
  3. but i downloaded it yesterday x) because my laptop screwed up u.u so i start all over again xd
  4. *My New Bugs* Now i have a bug with Spanish language, nothing in the button. *FIXED* Minimization looks like frame by frame (it worked fine 'til now) *FIXED* (too many Safari windows working ) D: *Language bug Attatched Picutre*
  5. I'm having trouble when i start windows, the dock loads weird, anyone having the same trouble ? (Attatched Image) [just in windows starts, when i open it from C:Program FilesXWindows Dock there's no problem] The other bug trouble i'm having it's that when i click a icon, sometimes it freezes for about 7seconds i know it's because of the program, because i can just open calculator and it freezes anyway, but just about 7 seconds :B
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