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  1. hey everyone: I did the following: 1. download sysstats from http://sysstats.jools.net (SysStats2.5.11.zip) 2. Unzip to RocketDock folder such that RocketdockSysStatsCOM.dll RocketdockHook.dll RocketdockDockletsSysStats Now I tried to add the sysstats - but everytime sysstats causes Rocketdock to crash. only to do recover is by deleting the sysstats files. any ideas? thanks! gc
  2. this started happening right after I installed the program. was never able to get the preview on. [[ Edit: ]] nevermind...figure out that I had aeros tweaked on...after I change my vista display to basic I got it working.
  3. I have a problem that I have not been able to find a solution to anywhere. I have selected the minimized window to rocketdock box in the settings. The window (such as word, firefox apps) will minimize to the dock but nothing will show where a preview of an icon should be showing. I can click on the blank space and the text will show up and the window will maximize again. However the preview of the minimized window does not appear. I have vista home basic 32 bit operating system from Dell. Anyone know what is going on? Thanks!
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