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  1. nice work, would have liked to have seen the AI/PS folder a bit more traditional, but since you included a psd i might just do it myself! cheers!
  2. Hey all, Used to do a lot of icon tweaking and GUI experimenting, but have been away for awhile and have lost a current list of good websites to check and peruse for new icon releases and wallpapers and such, anyone got a good list? I use these forums, interface-lift, and iconfactory but I'm looking for a larger list i cna put into a bookmark folder in case i'm in the moood for some new icon stuff, thanks!
  3. nice! was just talking to someone that was using stacks but didn't like how all the icons in her dock looked the same..
  4. i thought that frog icon was the old Azerus icon, maybe try them?
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