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  1. @firecracker Hmm, it should appear in add/remove. If not just delete the directory that you installed the program into, it doesn't leave any little files about the place. I'm glad it seems to be of use. I'm hoping that someone can make an actual app out of it I've looked at making an iCal clone, this might be something I do.
  2. Thanks peanut. In the next release I'm going to organise the stuff much better so it's easier for developers to use and include things like buttons/scrollbars etc etc to really get the full mac emulation.
  3. ignore me,im mixing up my threads >.
  4. Hi Darkfire, No this doesn't replace any windows' appearence. It is simply a tool for developers so they can make programs that LOOK like native mac applications (hope I explained that ok). So programmers/coders can easily make applications that resemble mac apps using this source code. If you're still interested you can download adobe air here: http://get.adobe.com/air/
  5. Argh yeah, didnt have the resources to hand so I made do with the fugly windows ones. Still tho, fits in better with the os I guess a bit.
  6. Hi guys, I spent a few hours today learning the amazing Adobe Air framework and decided to release the fruit of my labours. Using PNGs collected from Leopard I coded examples of 'emulating' two different Leopard styles: metal and HUD. Both styles are alpha blended and resizable so truly feel at home on windows. This little example of what can be acheived works really nicely, you wouldn't beleive windows could look this good heh - it is open source so hopefully someone will find something useful to do with this, maybe we'll see some nice nw apps coming out who knows. I created a very (very!) simple Leopard finder clone using the Window styles I'd created. I would encourage any developers to get hands on with Air though. It's very simple to make nice looking apps. Obviously you'll need the adobe air runtime (its only small) to run this. I'm releasing this under a creative commons, so do whatever you like with it, just give me a little credit if you do use my code. Stuff attached. Download adobe air here: http://get.adobe.com/air/ OSXUIKit.zip
  7. Thanks so much! These are great Al
  8. Alright everyone, hows it going? Does anyone know a way (or where I can get) png resources of the Leopard metal windows (as used in finder)? If anyone could help with this I'd be really grateful. Al
  9. Because adobe air is javascript/ajax based integrating a coverflow sorta thing would be simple pimple
  10. I did this in about 3 hours with adobe air (I had to learn it from scratch). The very. very basic element of this is working fine i.e. it can list folders, thats pretty much it but obviously if anyone actually wants to do this now it can be done. If anyone wants the source code i'm more than happy to hand it over. Whats in the source: - Custom window + resizing - Javascript listing of directories I've written this on my mac but obviously it would work on Linux and Windows too. I'm not going to do this myself as I don't know how many people really want this but I'm giving the oppurtunity to anyone else who wants to give it a shot.
  11. I reckon this would be easy using the Adobe Air platform? Plus it would also work on Linux that way. Always a plus!
  12. I had to register a new username as I forgot my password for this account for a while @All, glad you've found a use for it
  13. Hi guys, This is just a little app for general file searching and browsing I made based off a concept linux application. Main features include; -Complete keyboard navigation -Filter System e.g. music:the beatles or apps:itunes etc -Yahoo! Searching (yahoo:searchtext) -Very fast results (generally faster than spotlight) -NIce UI Hope someone else finds this useful, I might make a Windows version if I get round to it but this release is limited to OSX Tiger. Download: http://awasteofpixels.com/loro/Loro08beta.zip If anyone has any questions, requests I'm happy to hear them Al
  14. proenca, your application icon is wicked but I still was at a loss for toolbar icons. Although now it looks like the first release at least will default to the tango icon set.
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