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  1. Some requests for the next release: 1) possibility to hide icon names; 2) icon magnification (or other effect) on mouse over; 3) running application indicator; 4) a faster and customizable stack docklet; 5) some option in the properties menu to set the appearance of the dock (icon distance, reflection, trasparency, time to show on mouse over etc etc)... xwd 5.4 was perfect ... why don't recreate it with the same features...
  2. NO... the site links only for 2.0.2 version... bobah posted that if we can't wait we have to follow him on twitter but there isn't any news... :-(
  3. I'm i follower... where I can find the last release?
  4. I hope that it works... i remember that this feature didn't work on last 5.2 (on maximized windows)... you can also put an option to modify the time to wait (0-1s)!
  5. PLEASE... add "show dock on screen border mouse over"... it's the only thing that makes your dock unusable for me...
  6. My system is a 64bit... maybe it is only for 32bit systems...
  7. Bug... the version of bSAYZ don't store the folder path... :-( (with objectdock 2.0) Anyone have the same problem or is only a problem of mine? Can anyone upload the last version?
  8. No one have v2 installed on his hard disk? Please... share it!!! On the web is unavaiable. Please... thanks!
  9. No... this is the link to the installer... and the installer try to download th files from files2go that don't work anymore... so, i'm looking for the .rar with all the files inside... no longer exists on the web so... if anyone can give me from his ..\dockelt\ folder... THANKS
  10. Can anyone give me the link to the latest version (not the installer)... all the links don't work!
  11. I am happy that you finally decided to accept help ... programmers ... do your thing! For the "popup on mouse over" you may to put the timing option in setting menu (100ms to 1s)... and it have to work on the maximized windows too (the 5.6 didn't work when mouse is on border and the window is maximized)!
  12. I'm very interested in this script... i've tried it but don't run... something wrong?
  13. Make it open source... what will it cost? yours is a very good job, but really too slow... leave to others the opportunity to develop it!
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