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  1. Link is totally broken, please post the file. I'm dying to test it
  2. Hello aqua-people: Ever since I saw that topic about customizing open/save dialog to look more panther-like, I started my own comdlg32.dll modding proyect. The goal: make it look good and also functional. Here's the result (with fully working places bar): click to open in new window I would love to hear your comments about it and also your advice since there's a bug I can`t seem to solve: whenever I resize the dialog, a lot of things get out of place as you can see below: click to enlargeclick to open in new window I didn't succeded trying to lock the buttons on the upper left
  3. Thanks a lot Iceman, I was just about to generate a post because of this matter.
  4. Spellbound

    Dsx Wb4

    Yes, please don´t stop releasing those great themes. I just can´t wait to see other ports coming out like Milk for instance
  5. Yo hablo español I speak english Je parle francais
  6. I also get that dialog sometimes and I just don´t know what causes it, however I figured out a way to solve it. You have to kill explorer.exe from the task manager, then select File --> New task and browse to where the folder is and erase it. Then re run explorer.
  7. It's hard to say wich is my favorite since all of them have some neat features of their own. I would have to pick ObjectDock though cause it has the most accurate magnification effect, the icon bouncing is fast and you can manage running task and run programs from it even if they are already open.
  8. Another thing: The "Doc Item Properties (Shorcut)" window freezes whenever you right click some entry in order to paste some text in the link or arguments field.
  9. Hey guys, please tell me, do you have any problems when using a skin with overlays? Everytime I try to ObjectDock 0.85 crashes. Is it just me?
  10. Hi, I've tried several ways and a bunch of cross-platform software without any success. Is there a way to extract resources from a os x dmg file in windows?
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