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  1. iLife Windows is the real iLife but the difference is that this version is compatible with Windows.
  2. This is the original iLife from Mac but now with Compatibility with Windows XP and Vista, This Pack Contains the iPhoto,iMovie,iWeb,Garage Band and iDvd All the Credits are for me. This is on Beta phase, i am working on it IF u want to be a Beta tester add me [email protected] Thx
  3. Hola T3N0R10 bueno q bien q te gusto mira el programa que sea transparente se llama Glas2K gracias x tu comentario saludOs carnal! Hi username3d3 well thx for ur comment , if u like i can send u the HOME BUTTON image
  4. hi guys well i want the leopard tray and i think that replacing the stobject.dll i can have it well i just want one like in the image hope u can help me thx for all BYE
  5. Hi guys and girls well first of all this is my first post so dont be mean with me also i am a mexican so i dont have very good english this is just a theme i make for xp so i hope you can enjoy Resources: Luna Inspirat by krosavcheg http://krosavcheg.deviantart.com/art/Luna-Inspirat-102972534 Gramm Wallpaper by imrik http://imrik.deviantart.com/art/GRAM-77918922 iTunes skin for Winamp by megabit http://megabit.deviantart.com/art/iTunes-5...p-Skin-22773584 iVista Skin by prosper http://rocketdock.com/addon/1040/download Programs: Theme: Uxtheme Patcher http://download.soft
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