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  1. Is it easy to get rid of later if I decide I want something different?
  2. DO NOT install VistaOSX!!! It's nearly impossible to uninstall, and can cause a lot of damage! Most people have to completely reformat their system to get rid of it. The uninstaller DOES NOT work and deletes vital system files - killing Windows Explorer, but leaving the style and it's components. It's not worth the hassle!
  3. Ok, I'm sure that you guys already know that this skin is basically PC herpes. The guy who made it (patrickgs on DeviantART), didn't make a proper uninstaller, so it's nearly impossible to get rid of. My computer is pretty much fixed, although I'm still missing my Aero theme, and I have a few remaining icons from VistaOSX. I got the rest out with three sfc/scannow repairs, which got rid of most of the garbage from this cancer of a theme/skin. What can I do to get rid of the last few remnants? The main things are in Windows Explorer - the computer icon in the top location bar, and the des
  4. Ok, I've just about finished dealing with the abomination that is "VistaOSX '09." Even still, I can't get rid of EVERYTHING from it, although I have gotten most of it out. Now, I still want a mac-like style. I don't like Aero, and I need a dock. Are there any SAFE skins out there for Vista? I don't want something that is going to nearly kill Windows when I try to get rid of it, or takes hours of work to weed out the remaining files. I want something that's a simple install and uninstall. Nothing more. Is there a skin like this out there, or am I just stuck with the normal Vista look?
  5. Thanks a lot for the help anyway - if it weren't for the Touch needing 7.4 or later, your advice would have been perfect for what I was looking for. At least Firefox worked out.
  6. I found the issue. The iPod Touch requires at least iTunes 7.4 to operate. :facepalm: All this work for nothing.
  7. It had the mini-store set to be on. My only issue now is that it's not recognizing my touch. Any suggestions to get it to show up?
  8. Ok, thanks a lot for the help, JBar. I'll post screen shots when I'm finished.
  9. Great job. My only issue was getting the Finder clone to work. I have the .app folder in my program files, but the .exe crashes whenever I try to use it. Looca, while decent, is extremely slow to start, making it faster to just go into Computer/C.
  10. Don't you just love Windows? It SHOULD be in Control Panel>System and Maintenance>System. Near the top, it should specify what version of Windows you're using and what service pack.
  11. Will I have to re-import my entire library, and then re-sync my Touch? Will changing the version of iTunes interfere with my Touch being jailbroken?
  12. Do older versions of iTunes still have cover flow? Are either of those Firefox skins compatible with FF3?
  13. What are my other options then? I want the OSX look, and the functionality of Safari and iTunes. Plus, isn't iTunes my only option since I have an iPod? I want OSX looks, but not bad enough to stop using my Touch.
  14. I installed VistaOSX '09 a few days ago, and I love it. My only issue, however, is that iTunes and Safari don't match it at all. Not so much color-wise or anything, it's the minimize/maximize/exit buttons. On everything else, the buttons are OSX-styled and on the left (I'm using leftsider), but Safari and iTunes remain unchanged. How can I change iTunes and Safari's minimize/maximize/exit buttons to be OSX-styled?
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