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  1. Can someone have avaliable for download "the older version of Xwindows dock 2.0.2 or 2.0.3.." with function grab minimized windows on the dock? I had problem on my external drive and loose some data files and can't find on the internet. Any help must to be appreciated. Best Regards!!!!
  2. Yes, work but have some lagg. You can use normally and wait update checking autoupdate box in program preferences.
  3. Wow! Windows now minimizing to the dock. Thank you so much! I love you man. Best regards.
  4. Today 14:21 (local time of my country) I received the update notification. Glad to know that the project is not dead. Hopefully it will be possible in the near future option to minimize windows to the dock. Dear Filandre, thank you for continuing the work. Robson Ciconelli a.k.a RcNuke.
  5. No more updates? Waiting for news...
  6. Hello Filandre. The new version for me is very good 90% perfect (stack ok, dock skin ok). I'm waiting for minimizing windows to dock and maybe in the future other stuffs (magnify, etc). The animation of icons is nice too. Best Regards.
  7. Minimizing in development. Check in version 2.0.4.x topic.
  8. Por gentileza seja mais específico. 1- Esta configuração foi realizada em Sistema operacional Windows 8 x64 x86 ou windows 7 x64 x86. 2- A versão Chrome é portatil ou tradicional? Estas informações são importantes porque no momento o Xwindows dock 5.6 só possui incompatibilidade com flash usando Chrome e Firefox.
  9. See my congratulations. Sorry im late...... />http://www.aqua-soft.org/forum/topic/56948-xwindows-dock-203x/page__st__20
  10. I'm glad you engaged in the development of xwindows 2.0.3x. Unfortunately I am not a programmer and so I can not help. I think most people now want to actually see the icons zoom (magnification) and minimize windows to the dock. I made use of several docks just as a way to test the truth I tell you, xwindows dock is far above any other. I have today version 5.6 on my windows 7 x64 and am testing the new version on windows 8 x64. I admire your courage and dedication to this project. Congratulations with all my sincerity ..
  11. Magnify Icons In Dock As You Scroll. A can't see in version 2.0.x. I tested it on windows 7 and now I'm testing on windows 8 and not seen it work, maybe in the future it is an item that most want to see in operation. Anyway, it is a major breakthrough and a good job. I admire the efforts of those who do great work and most often do not have the financial and cultural recognition of others.
  12. Maybe im wrong but check configuraton of Ultra Explorer, some features can be disable (closed) and ultra explorer after exit saves the configuration. Sorry my english.
  13. For me you are the Best. Microsoft need to contract you. Sorry my english.
  14. Sometimes XWindowsDock dont start after Windows XP start and login. Im using (i believe) the lastast version. Can someone help me? Sorry for my bad english.
  15. Dashboard style and some funcions (no full funcions) Its possible create an option and make Xwindows Dock do with function and appearance of the dashboard? 1 - borders without limits for left and right 2 - two buttons in the edges to roll the dock and also to add more icons to the dock 3 - Static dock background or similar (to make more equivalent visual). 4 - not very important, place name (label) below icons like dashboard. Curret using V5.6 I love Xwindows Dock and i believe its a GREAT JOB AND BEST APPLICATION. Sorry for my bad english.
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