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  1. I understand this is a "General Discussion" forum for XWD... BUT I still don't understand why people like THIS (dpcdpc11) makes this kind of USELESS comments. Specially giving orders to BOBAH13...? WTF?!!! I mean it's okay if we make suggestions, but this?!!! At the end, XWD is BOBAH13's property, so he develops the software however HE wants!!!
  2. I've being thinking... ObjectDock 2 is very promising, BUT XWindowsDock is much more versatile, and aesthetics are better than any other... So NOBODY wants BOBAH13 to stop this dock's developement, but if that was the case, I suggest to make it an "open source", then somebody else could continue his job... Thanks BOBAH13 to read all this posts, and I'm sorry if I seem "daring" with this post.
  3. Then I guess you have "ALL THE TIME OF THE WORLD" to do whatever you want... ha! Who are you to complain about a "slow developement"? We don't know anything about BOBAH13's life, so let''s be patient and (at least) be thankful about his job...
  4. If you don't like "superbar" just hide it, or buy a mac . I don't understand why people complain about it knowing that Windows 7 is the best thing Microsoft has made... (BTW why the hell did they call it superbar?, Snow Leopard dock is much better, that doesn't make it "super") I'd like to see ---for final release--- stacks like Snow Leopard, I mean, to be able to explore around folders, have a title of the folder on the top, anyways, everybody knows how's it
  5. You're right! Nowadays OS, and almost every software is requiring more and more power computers, I mean, If you cannot run Win7 Ultimate with all its features on your computer, that means you'll have to upgrade you're hardware someday... I know, not everybody can afford to have this kind of machines, but, XWD's development must continue, and, if somebody is still using Xp, man... They'll have tu upgrade anyways... Great idea, take advantag of Windows features... BTW I think, after the final release... Maybe, just maybe, you could try to integrate XWD into shell? BOBAH13. You're doing
  6. MAN I CAN'T BELIEVE IT... XWD2 is amazing, it has a great look ---BTW, I noticed that anti-aliasing is missing on borders--- ANYWAY, GREAT JOB BOBAH13!!!! CONGRATULATIONS, I can see a great future for this, the best dock ever!!! Thank YOU!!!
  7. VERY VERY PROUD OF YOU VLADIMIR!!!!! I'm reeeeaaally impressed with that... (and notice it's just "beta") AMAZING! By the way, where did you get that theme/style fow Win7? And, what's that thing that says on dock's menu: "swith mode"?
  8. hey, hey... are you saying that XWD DOESN'T have stacks, like previews versions? Do we gonna have to use them like a "plugin"? I like Matonga's stacks, but XWD's stacks are MUCH BETTER!!!
  9. Hmmm... BOBAH13: Would it be possible if you post some screenshots of XWD? You said you'd think about a beta release (personally I think it's a bad idea), but some screenshots would make all of us even more eager
  10. Yeah. I understand exactly what you're saying. That's why I think those ".lnk" files SHOULD WORK AS shortcuts, they should NOT be just a way to detect the "file's location, parameters, etc..." What I'm saying is to add ".lnk" file extension to make shortcuts run as they do in RD. So I mean that it should be better if we can drag shortcuts in XWD, so they're like an "element", not just the original file with "launch" parameters. I hope you understand what I mean 'cause I don't really know how to explain this. That's why I said, they should work as they do in RD.
  11. Man I think it's all right, as long as XWD is able to run shortcuts (".lnk") as RocketDock does. I mean, when you put shortcuts like MSOffice applications in XWD 5.6+, it gets some "workdirectory" issue, so the only way to make it work well, is putting the ".exe" files into the dock. So I think it's all right to put all system folders' default workdirectory just as you say ("::{") (like "My Computer", "Control Panel", "Recycle", etc...). Now, about the rest of apps and extensions, I think it's enough if it's able to run shortcuts as well. So I hope that issue we had in XWD 5.6+ is fixe
  12. Man!!! I think it's a great idea... (actually it is) and it's grat news for all of us... I have all my icons in .png but some people gets tired of looking for new icons but well, I think it would be great to make XWD "part of Windows"
  13. Man I was waiting for this months ago... I can't really describe how happy I am now!!! I'm very impatient THANKS A LOT Vladimir you've return me a great piece of happiness!!!
  15. Not a bad idea. BUT I still prefer an option to lock items dragging.
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