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  1. i second that. It really annoy me, in particular when i work with photoshop
  2. thanks bobah for the 5.6. New skin format is great and the quality of icon's shadow is really awesome.
  3. oh my god, please jesus help me. you spend your life in front of your pc waiting for an answer ?? What you don't understand in this??? if i make a request to add something, so the finish line is to have both choice. It is mathematic. By Panta: moved. moved along with the previous post.
  4. what are you talking about?? Take your graph right now and port it for xwd 5.4 and show us a pic. time to do it: 3 minutes. GREAT!!! you finally got it!!! THIS is my request. Please, you read what i write or what??? So to conclude: is it enough now or this will take 3 more page on the thread? By Panta: moved. Consider yourself officially warned! Next time I'll report you to the administration proposing your suspension!! :slant:
  5. lol but show us why, instead of giving bobah useless work. i would like to see these famous indicators.. definitely not....... you two are telling errors. you two misunderstand... like the time i have posted a request about a top reflection and you didn't see any difference..... so PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE... give me a break Same indicator with xwd 5.4, pic, taken on MY pc, with a skin I made. and PS: My first post about this, was merely a request to ADD a possibility and not TAKE OFF a possibilty. Then i let bobah interpret and do the best he can, and i'm not
  6. humm, you said =>"Some indicators look better in front" this is a little bit evasive... in front of what??? By Panta: moved. moved along with the previous post. so please show us right now with an example why you would like to choose instead of debate. As the noob skinner and deskmodder i am, i would like to see something concrete.
  7. You've got a problem dude??? Please show us RIGHT NOW an example of skin which use hidden part of icons by indicator... i am very intrigue by your knowledge. By Panta: moved. Hold your horses, man!
  8. @bobah13, a skinner request: Make the icons overlay the indicator Bad (actually)(ps don't look the position's indicator, it's a wip) Good (example): http://giraffecrack.deviantart.com/art/Red...uccess-99307977
  9. I don't really know. (firefox user) no info on HGUI...? he don't want to share the knowledge aparently.
  10. Hello all, somenone would know a way to change the 16 px size of the systray's icons by a custom one like 22per20 or something else? Thanks.
  11. A good point for you. I didn't wanted to talk about this subject but it was in my mind. You are totally true. I see a lot of WILD ports here (BUT i'm not talking about xwd 5.2.3 skins to 5.2.4).
  12. not a mask. Just another line in the config.txt will be enough. Something like this maybe: Use3D=yes PanelHeight=40 BottomReflection=0 TopReflection=X DrawAs=strech LeftBorder=LeftBorder.png
  13. Already tried matonga. It works only for the windows.
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