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  1. Hi guys I wonder if anyone has experience on compile this naughty little guy there. The author only compiled it for x32 system, I wonder if it's possible to compile it for x64?

    I never compile with visual studio before and I don't know what to add to the makefile to make it work, hope somebody can help me fulfill this wish. And hopefully bring another waves of font smoothing revolution on windows :D

  2. hey want to resurrect this thread. So what exactly do I need to add the CFLAGS/LDFLAGS in order to compile it correctly for x64 win 7?

    I'm a noob on this one, never use make in visual studio before :\

    Visual Studio C++ Express 2008 right?

    btw, the command prompt tools I found in the startmenu doesn't work, it says make is not recognized as an internal command. Why?

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