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  1. Anyone interested on a iBook Clamshell ROM file? This may be useful if you are emulating a mac. If you are interested, send me a email. Or just send me a message. Well, actually it can be downloaded from my site. i will upload it here: http://chula.copulsky.com/archive/ROM note: This is the ROM image file from a iBook G3, or "Clamshell" as most people refer to it. This ROM file was extracted from my REAL iBook. specs: minimum OS: Mac OS 8.6 maximum OS: Mac OS 10.3.9
  2. Anybody has a iBook Clamshell? (a.k.a. toilet seat) I was able to copy the video from my iBook. It's the iBook Intro.mov from the Setup Assistant. To view it (and download it) just go to http://chula.copulsky.com/archive/iBook_Intro.mov If the you get a file not found, then maybe it's still loading to my server. Please give it some time.
  3. Maybe firefox doesn't like that theme?
  4. If you did a change to your registry, you can System Restore it. Go to Start>Accessories>System Tools>System Restore choose to what day you want to restore your computer to. That way, the registry change you did will be deleted, and replaced with the value it originally was back in that day. But beware! Any program you installed after a restore point gets uninstalled. Hope this works!
  5. Nice webpage. Did you make this yourself? I'll add this to my bookmarks in Safari!
  6. Even better, do this! 1.Go to Start>Accessories>Command Prompt 2. right click, run as administrator. 3. type in 'takeown /f C:\directory\filename' (without the quotes. 4. That's it. You took ownership of that file.
  7. Hmm... What are you trying to do? Make Vista look like Leopard? Then I wouldn't recommend finderbar. It has no transparency. I tried it in Windows XP. It's ok in xp. In vista, it really sucks.
  8. Have you tried deleting the directory where you installed RCT? Try deleting it. If that doesn't work, try booting into safe mode. Hope that helps.
  9. Maybe there's a defect in that skin? Is there an update for that skin? is there someway you can contact the person that made that skin?
  10. Anyone wish they had the new Windows 7 wallpapers? Guess what? I got them. You can download them here: http://www.anglosaxon.uuuq.com/windows7.zip just copy and paste the address in your address bar, and that's it. I got them from the real deal. Enjoy! I'm sorry, but my host is experiencing problems right now, so it's not possible to download those wallpapers. Sorry to get your hopes up... My host is up and running! That means it is possible to download those wallpapers. here is the new link: http://www.anglosaxon.uuuq.com/wallpaper/windows.zip Do Not double/triple post, edit your original
  11. Hmm... it might be a problem the skin is causing. Is that skin compatible with the version of firefox you are using?
  12. Anyone remember those old b&w Macs? I would love to see one again. You can emulate those, but it's not the same as actually owning one.
  13. Oops! I forgot to mention something. If you have Macintosh System 7.5.3 or 7.5.5 installed, you can't choose a different color desktop background. But I found a solution. You need the 'General Control' panel from Macintosh System 7.0.1 and send it to your System Folder. Restart, then choose the background you like. And if you want, you can create one using your favorite colors!
  14. There is a new version of Mini vMac. it emulates a Macintosh II. But it has color! Color worked only on Mac OS X, and now it works on Windows! You can download it my website's archives at http://chula.copulsky.com/archive and just look for 'Mini vMac Color.zip' You will have to provide the startup disk yourself.
  15. Can anyone help me? I downloaded Mini vMac II in color, but the problem is there's no sound! Is there a release that supports sound?
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