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  1. "The bandwidth or page view limit for this site has been exceeded and the page cannot be viewed at this time. Once the site is below the limit, it will once again begin serving as normal." Anyone have a mirror?
  2. DJ :) PLEASE send one!! Alexman2525 at msn dot com
  3. nobody wants to send just one little invite this way?? alexman2525 (at) msn (dot) com
  4. Anyone want to hook a brotha up? Alexman2525 (at) msn (dot) com
  5. Anyone actually have any Joost invites here? ...but I have to do it.... alexman2525(at)msn(dot)com if anyone is to be so kind.
  6. All of Danimator's skins have that feature.
  7. I agree. This is the best skin ever. No overcrowded buttons and flashy gizmos, yet not a lame flat desgin. A simple, yet impressive design.
  8. I'll be willing to be part of the running crew.
  9. The G4 design was flawless. This one looks like a big plasitc toy thing. I keep imagining a big "Play-Skool" or "Lego" logo on the back.
  10. No need to emulate mac this month since I got my mac running, so I'm trying out some KoL style longhorn. Click. uPdaTed...
  11. Thanks everyone! I'm acually posting this from my iMac The harddrive was fryed the whole time. I was able to help out a friend and he hooked me up with a Seagate. (I recommed helping out your friends and co-workers as much as you can, I do whenever i can, and I got an iMac and HD out of it! ) So now I just need to upgrade the RAM and the stupid ball mouse (don't go back to ball mouse after years of using optical, it feels uncontrollable). Again, thanks you guys for helping me out finding what's wrong with my new toy.
  12. I love both Cousin Avi and Bullet Tooth Tony.
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