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  1. Yeah I already saw it Great app, but sometimes a bit buggy
  2. BLACKdock for XWD 5.6 A simple black skin inspired by the original leopard dock. EDIT: I just realized the uploaded version wasn't working for you. Sorry for that. Here' the working one: BlackDock.zip
  3. I use xp 64-bit. Probably that's the reason why it doesn't work with explorer windows.
  4. Great app. If y'z shadow just worked on my explorer windows I would never need to use wb anymore
  5. Wow. Great app matonga. You made my day As other said before, please make one for itunes
  6. looks interesting. I'm downloading it right now to try it out
  7. Does it work in XP 64? Because when I install it I can't open the toolbar from the menu where I closed the standard toolbar etc. There is nothing else to select. Only qttabbar... I even tried to reboot windows.
  8. Ok, but now there is a leopard skin anyway
  9. Great work BOBAH13, The new XWD 5.6 works much smoother for me now Now I just have to wait for some skins and docklets...
  10. How did you move the buttons in iTunes to the left side?
  11. Ok, macclock works just fine. Is there also any app out there which displays my user account in the taskbar next to the clock?
  12. Hmm, I don't have that menu option. I use the x64 version of T-Clock 3
  13. Didn't wanted to start a new topic. I've got a problem with t-clock. I get a white background. Is it a problem of windowblinds?
  14. Would this also be possible with safari?
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