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  1. I TOTALLY AGREE!~THANKS BOBAH, and come on people, you just got it for free !!! and started screamin like kids who prefers Matongas' stack and don't like new ones, which took Bobah's time and work to look better than old version.... HAHAHHA best answer I've ever seen "kiepas", c'mon man... Vladimir, this dock is the best dock we've ever had, seriously. Take care of your studies! this is most important, and then try working a little bit more on magnification, just changing the wide of zoomed elements. Peace
  2. Can't wait till I can test it on my computer not this sh*tty a*s university machine on which it is workin in "bullet time"
  3. I mean it's kinda hard to implement bigger pictures and set proper margins, when you don't have bigger monitor I would do it, but I need smbdy to test it.
  4. ........just wonderin... everyday I wake up in the mornin, open my laptop and look at the dock can't wait till new version be done
  5. so, in Dreamweaver I just add "text-shadow: 1pt 1pt 2pt black" where 1pt 1pt is x and y of shadow, 2pt amount of blur and black - color. It works perfectly in Safari, but does anybody know how to make it also seen in Firefox? I mean I've read about other methods, but how to implement someway both of them so users of Ffox will see shadows, Safari users will see shadows, and IExploder also. Plz don't link to no sites, I need help how to implement it in Dreamweaver. Thanks in advance Holla,
  6. Wow, never knew it was that simple Thanks. Unfortunately it only works in Safari.... :/
  7. Sorry if this is an stupid question, or I might be too stupid to find an answer, but I just want to know how to make these fonts shadows on my website the same way like they are here, on a blue bar - when I'm writing this "Post New Thread". Also on wordpress.com they have the same on top, but it is used as a menu bar. How to make it? Anybody can post any link or something? Is it in JavaScript? Thanks for understanding and forgive my stupidness
  8. Bobah, could you reveal a little of this mystery what changes is upcoming with the new release?
  9. Here it comes, 3 versions, hope y'all like it. Only for 1280x800 now, coz my time is limited to release others. Made from basics in photoshop, only Apple logo is copied from original Mac. Feel free to download & comment, it's my first release after long time here. Soon I will I think release the best WB skin for Vista I've made from basics called Aqua for Aero in Vista. XWindows Leopard Logins.zip
  10. It seems dat we have public motivation here, everybody wants to help Incredible hehe XWindows Dock, not only dock it's a movement!
  11. No one is forcin you, just do it best we'll wait Any graphic polishing or some little icons if you need just holla at me
  12. Try reinstalling dock, maybe you have problem with language file, have you been changing your dock's lang? Bobah - heheh I like that way you look at things, "its not my dock its your PC" heheh. So. Deavy. Hurry up. If you need any help I'm down to help you in any Photoshop/Dreamweaver/Flash things you need.
  13. Ain't that easy to make people donate.
  14. Yea, I get it man Gimme your account number I'll pay you to make my ideas Hehhe. Just wondering... Did you solved window reflections in dock background? And about those 500 pix, I know its crazy, so what you Bobah think about Matonga's idea about having relation between dock's size and screen resolution, so it could fit 1024x768 and 1000000x10000 pixels monitors? -> edit: Bobah, just make it simple with all the zooming, and reflections for us people, and XWindows Dock PLUS like stardock made, paid version with 100% customization options. Isn't bad idea, tho
  15. For 100% dock should have options to customize lots of things including zoom mentioned above, even shadow distance from icons and labels text, but it should remain as similiar as OS X dock option window is, I think. This is what attracts most, simplicity!
  16. Matonga, that's just what I've meant ! Great to be understood ;]
  17. Just leave it to Bobah, I know he will make zoom nicer than in Object Dock / RK Launcher/ Rocket Dock, I believe Just give us users possibilities to modify size of zoom, width, and thats all. What I meant by 5OO pix max is that user should have no f'd up limitations like on a Mac dock has its limited size. Even goin far, why don't u implement something like "Intelligent dock sizing"? So, the max size of zoomed items depends on screen resolution user has! So user just has a slider to choose size like on a Mac - between "Min" and "Max", but those sizes are equivalent to screen's size! and
  18. c'mon man, why only 200 pix? Let it be 512 at least, coz it's important when we have BIG screens
  19. some companies could pay big $'s for this motto
  20. Nobody gives a f' 'bout my ideas tho anyway - trash icon could jump like stacks when theres an activity - you deleting a file.
  21. New theme, hope y'all like it, original pictures exported from Mac. I've tried to make height same as Mac, but it's hard and not depending on theme Important - set transparency for 100%, dock images has the same transparency as Mac one's. Leopard3D.zip
  22. I'm not sure where to put requests, but I think we all are going off-topic here. So to keep things together I think we should give time our creator and just keep the ideas in order, so when he finds time he will do it My personal ideas are just a few simple things, hope y'all agree: 1.Improving animation + options to customize wide of icons zoomed, speed of -in, and -out 2.Customizing labels - fonts and Open Type fonts (to use for i.e. Lucida G/Lucida MAC/OBFont - different from true type lucida grande). Ability to add shadows under text but still on grey bg in labels. 3. When number of
  23. I've posted it already on release thread, but to keep order here is Polish language for XwindowsDock version 5.2.1: Polish.xml
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