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  1. Being excited is good feeling for designer to make good stuff But not too much excited, so you forget about life, wife, kids, home... haha Bobah, you did it again. Perfect, I love the new font change, antialiased, and mirror is working much faster, I don't know what you changed but it for real now works much faster. Later on I will post the skin, now it looks also a little bit different, I think. Thank you.
  2. i've just made sumtin that gonna make u guys say "wow" i think i did better glass for dock than apple made tomorrow release. Vladimir I got no words to say how much I love this dock.
  3. heheh your work vladimir brings so much attention! Should be proud of urself . People prepare yourself for revolution, tomorrow my skin is coming... anyway bobah skinning now is more difficult than i thought i have to make skin look good when reflection of window is on and off it changes whole look coz of desktop bg reflection... Anyway thank you. About win reflections i think in vista it captures also dock to mąkę it thats why icons are reflected two times. In mac it reflects wallpaper with some kind of mask i think because its not shown in whole bg of dock. Vladimir give me ur pay pal when
  4. BIG THANKS BRO! YOU CAN BE SURE THAT SOON AS YOU WILL HAVE PAY PAL READY I THANK YOU OTHER WAY Downloading, testin... I will publish my 1:1 skin soon, now, wit these possibilities haha (laughin like a kid)
  5. just an offtopic but connected with dock question: is there any way to assign command to open dock in yahoo widgets in shortcut added to xwd?
  6. Wtf haha new xsm 4 xwd has bn posted by bobah at xwd release thread just look 4 it
  7. First of all if XWD doubles memory usage of OB it surely doubles its abilities! Secondly - let Bobah finish the dock so it will have windows reflection which I'm very happy of, and magnification THEN talk about optimization of dock's memory usage! anyway, merry christmas to everybody and especially to you, Vladimir, you are doing a great job! Ps. When you are planning to release 5.2.3? hopefully as a xmas gift for all of us kids Bobah,is the reflection in asembler showing for ex. Video playing in window? I mean, if yes, is this fast?
  8. Great, sorry for such a big post Shishimaru, nice signature I know it shouldn't sometimes look like M*c dock at all, so I'm trying to take the best things from M*c dock, and mix it with other ideas, also yours, to make it better. Even now, I was playing with M*c dock, and I felt 'home' when I came back to play with XWD kinda weird, but also kinda really nice feeling...
  9. Okay, Vladimir So, your dock is actually the best and we all want it to be even better than Mac ones. WE ALL KNOW IT IS NOT ABOUT HAVING NO IDEAS, but giving donations to Bobah, and His time. Anyway, I had to write it because I really take care about this application which seems to be the best since Yz Dock! Today I've played a little with Mac dock and I found out few things in comparision with XWD that could/should be done in XWD to make it outstanding and better.Personally I don't love Mac's dock because of its limited simplicity, even now we have more options to change and I simply ca
  10. I also see that you've changed the shadow distance behind icons good, really promising...
  11. okay, I've decided to delay new release until the day Bobah releases new version of XWD
  12. First of all - THANK YOU ! CAN't WAIT for IT. You remember, I'm here to test it too and if you want me to make skin fast so I will post it the same day the dock comes out - contact me at pm, I will do my best. Bobah, you are great developer, already! btw how old are this great mind? about another settings you could add is distance of icons from bottom. Not only their reflections. I mean if dock is 40 pix high, icons are like now. But if I make the height 60 pixels I would like to move icons a little bit to the top, I know you understand me. I will prepare special version of skin for this.
  13. a little delay here coz of xmas house decoration and little problems with my tree... stay tuned
  14. I agree with that, +in-skin ability to change height of dock background and distance from bottom screen edge for icons would make this thingie little perfect for little skilled 'clothes designers' like me
  15. GREAT! If you need anybody to beta-test this if you won't include this in release, I'm here Does it show multiple windows reflections?
  16. so make it AS OPTION for i.ex. "Turn on windows mirror (DWM Vista only)". Why not? Could you help Bobah with that? Or maybe Matonga could? I would love to have it.
  17. Vladimir, tell me is the height of dock set by you somewhere or where? If you could give ability to set dock's height in theme, also with the distance of icons from bottom edge it could be perfect. Take a look at screen, hope it will tell everything I mean best way:
  18. This feature could be something which could give you BIG DONATIONS what about this 'fake' project they made... -> http://www.aqua-soft.org/board/showthread....ght=mirror+dock. read your PM
  19. Great, Vladimir! I'm waiting like for a new version of kid's most liked game, I can't explain it Please. Why Tahoma. Lucida Grande maybe? And please tell how is your advance with programming of animation of zooming items and are you planning to include mirror effect for windows which are over dock?
  20. It's not so big error, so can live with it. But pop3 email settings is what I need, really. I got my gmail account and I'm not really using it, but I wanna put badge for my real accounts in pop3.
  21. I've didn't made it too big this is the only thing which came with first default theme and I just copied it so, if I make it smaller, it will look good in bigger sizes?
  22. Come on.... are you guys crazy? This is what makes Object Dock sick, go to Apple Store and look at real dock, you don't have that kind of sh*t, this is what makes biggest mess and Microsoft invented that in their taskbar. If you want, ask Bobah, but only as an option! I love the way it works now, that it JUST minimizes to dock
  23. Updated Polish (Polski) language for XWindows Dock 5.2.2. Polski.xml
  24. Yes, it is Xmail error I've checked it. Should be fixed, tho, or can't be fixed?
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