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  1. or I'm a kind of person who doesn't wanna try impossible things, instead of copying and trying to mimic things I take what's best and in my opinion will look interesting in environment which somebody gives us...Instead of putting there Apple sign and trying to mimic Finder bar or something, I've made it with usability on mind... Start menu is a way to start searching, so it suits functionality and look too. For all people who want to use dock and don't feel the colorful flag orb which makes chinese lollipop from your computer Two versions: Plain blue & Animated white Note:
  2. with all the knowledge and the way m-nga wrote stack docklets, I'm waiting if he will decide to write whole dock
  3. u are using it on PC? if yes, I have to tell you bookmarks bar depends on size and font of your windows' menu item. I have it changed to 11 pix Lucida Grande and it takes just too much space in Safari. Also if you change font to something like Lucida G or Lucida Mac or OBFont, fonts in safari appear as Times New Roman. In this situations I just sacrifice using bookmarks bar because anyway I use topsites....
  4. use it if you wish it ain't mine I've just smoothed 'em creds still go to Rotten Appl
  5. -Totally remade edges (no more pixelated edges, suits Windows 7 nicely now) -5 schemes, animated -Easy to install -Built-in shadow, turn on Vista/Win 7 mouse pointer shadow for extra-cursor-visibility for your eyes Apple_10.7_Mouse_Pointers.zip
  6. My old skins converted here dunno if smbdy posted them already... I'm also 'ghost' now I have to disappear from forums for my work and university reasons but I will be from time to time OSX_10.6for5.6.zip
  7. what you mean by old style separator?
  8. it is for new XWindows Dock 5.4, you have to unzip folder somwhere and manually copy *.smxd files to skin folder in XWD directory.
  9. You know, changing icons for trash is made during skin making so you just have to open my skin using matonga's skin editor and change it, save with another name. holla
  10. Thanks I've switched to Windows 7 6 days ago and I won't roll-back to Vista no more XWD+my skin+W7 is a perfect dish, tho heheh
  11. Yes, me too I have never seen few of icons you have included, thanks
  12. Timan, could you please move this thread to XWD sub-forums? I'd be glad. @estrahon, why you wanna change trash icon?
  13. Wow, I'm impressed about new own XWD forum Bobah, keep up the good work! I know next release is the best what people have seen!
  14. i think that's good. better to have nothing if you anyway will decide to use thunderbird coz windows live is kinda hmmm nice but for me its design is hard to read, hard to see. bad, that they left windows calendar, because it was not so bad, and integrating it into mail is kinda forcing me to use mail. funny, I've installed so much stuff, and still starting fast as rocket. I would say 'how they did it?'
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