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  1. Happy birthday. Keep up the good work on the newsposts. And stay fluffy.
  2. Do a check with Spybot (remember to update) - it'll find and fix the missing tabs.
  3. Don't know if this will be helpful to you: ShellTrayInfo Now go whip up something cool!
  4. Happy birthday, you loveable Canadian.
  5. But it's...standing. Someone's not getting a "random" call...
  6. Looks really smooth. You did a great job on the skin. Personally, I'm just waiting for the color variations. Keep up the good work.
  7. Sweet. Gotta love those meerkats. One of my dogs (a dachshund) is convinced she's a meerkat. No more Animal Planet for her.
  8. Happy birthday, mate. Don't forget us when you're a rich and famous HM rockstar!
  9. Happy birthday, bh2. Now I have an excellent excuse to squeeze down a few more tonight! Now, now. What would A-S have been without you, applethink? Oh, you mean an upper age limit?
  10. GUIdebook. Shock-full of info and screenshots of all the GUI-enabled OS' to date. Plus, the site layout is sweet. You might be able to get some good info here, too. Steer clear of fan sites if you can.
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