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  1. Lo siento, no pido todos quien pueda coperart que lo haga quien no pues no... no seas tan ofensivo

    Sorry foy want all this requests who want help me help who no do not help but I have posted this threed because I want my Mac OS X Leopard emulation and only I need this for complete this emulation

    Do not double post - read the guidelines - mps69

  2. Hi I have opened this thred because I have some program requests for Windows and I need help:).

    This is my requests:

    1: a free iMovie clone

    2: a free iDVD clone

    3: a Leopard explorer add on to enable the Coverflow and the list blue lines

    4: a free Garageband clone

    5: Mozilla NYU add ons and themes for transform it to iWeb

    6: and finaly free spaces and Expose clones for execute it in ObjectBar with Real Leopard theme tray section because I have Despot but I can not use the windows cataloge and full screen descktop previw in the Objectbar tray:slant:

  3. Theanks KSoft I have working for get a most good Leopard loock every day if you want this toolbar use your Mac finder navegation toolbarbar (Free stiler toolbar) whit the Styler toolbar Leopard skins for reemplace the default free styler buttons and get the Leopard style in the Windows explorer but mai result a bug and hide all the buttons Be carefull but is great the combination

    Sorry but is a Windows XP with Leopard XP Brincopack 1.0

    Do not double post - read the guidelines - mps69

  4. Finderbar is good but where I can get the Leopard mouseover, style, Finder (Windows explorer or Nexplorer) with Coverflow, mouse keys hoykeys Windows Live Messenger 2009 Ichat or Apple skins, NYU iWeb emulation add-ons, a program who move the window buttons for left and order it as the Apple buttons (Close, minimize and panic, No true transparency skin) quit the menus for reemplace it with Finderbar.........

    Please HEEEELP MI



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