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  1. Hi I now installed RK launcher with grat succes, but i would like to have the same effect like i mac while im surfing on internet sites. This "scrolling between sites" effect....!! Where i dont have to go to the top bar to see the open web pages.... hope you can help me Olesen
  2. i just tried to delete it in safe mode but it didnt work either!!....
  3. ahhh ok i just tried that and it says it cannot be deleted!!!!
  4. how?? sorry for my stupid questions but im really a newbie... will all my other programs work if i delete win32?
  5. Hi everybody Im new inhere and im not that good with computers so i hope you can help me out. I just installed Rk Launcher 0,4 but im having some problems with my office shortcuts.... If i drag for an example the outlook button to the "scroll bar" at the bottom, and try to open it, it comes with an error that says that the program isnt a windows32 program!!?? How can i fix it? I really hope you can help me Olesen
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