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  1. I admit it looks beautiful but I for some odd reason it can not start up rocketdock (crashes repeatedly maybe 4th or 5th try it'll open) after changing the stack icon and in objectdock it refuses to start at all using any stack (also crashing repeatedly) I can't wait until this is as good as the first stacks docklet which I'm currently using I love the massive ixons looks beautiful in vista especially in my emulator/mmorpg quick launch stacks folder the 256x256 icons looks wonderful and not blurry as in past versions
  2. it doesnt handle changing its dock icon at all windows vista premium 32 bit I'm using objectdock which works with the older versions but this new version seems to work well until you restart objectdock then it crashes
  3. Rocketdock (which I dont use I just tested this in it) it seems to have an overflow problem with large folders such as a large picture folder Objectdock gets an error if an icon is not applied first also it does not apply the box icon that comes with it and you have to remove all old stacks before updating or the old stacks will crash when you attempt to open them up
  4. my only problem with the newest versions I'm using what is listed as the "old safe version" on the first post mainly because of icon quality under the stacks all of my icons on the newest versions are blurry I'm unsure why I'd like to use the newer version but I'd prefer to have better quality on the icons also the dock icon for it flashes when clicked
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