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  1. Aquas Infinidum An aqua-styled wallpaper, available in Aqua and Graphite. Download Aqua version from dA Download Graphite version from dA Hope you like. Comments appreciated.
  2. You can use Cmd + Click to select multiple items in Icon View.
  3. Am I the only one who actually prefers the new iPod Nano's over the old ones? I used to love the iPod Mini, and I think that the 'Mini style' has been made even more sexy by the new Nano's. I'm seriously considering getting one.
  4. I think the UI is heading more towards the style that the Pro Apps such as Final Cut Pro, DVD Studio Pro, Motion and Soundtrack have been like for years, dark greys, simplish layouts, and lots of graphite.
  5. Is it just me, or has the iTMS just crashed from sheer exhaustion? I don't think they were ready for the influx. Not only can I not download a newly purchased song, I can't access the rest of the Store, or download Artwork for my existing albums, bummer... That aside, I have to say I have mixed feelings about the new interface with it's darker, matted appearance, however we all had doubts about the new interface introduced in iTunes 5, so I'll give it time. I think that Apple realised that they were cramming too many buttons along the toolbar at the bottom, so they've cut back and relocate
  6. Ah hell... I just got my very first Mac! Hehe. It's not much: iMac DV G3 400 (Indigo) CPU: 400mHz RAM: 192Mb HDD: 4Gb OS: 10.3.9 But it was only £60 from eBay. I'm using it as a stepping stone to greater heights, hehe
  7. Ubuntu really is the shiz! I've been running it for about a two years now, following the release cycle from Hoary through to Dapper. I only tried Ubuntu out as I was trying to find a decent GNU/Linux distro to replace Windows on my PC, and after messing around with Mandrake and SuSe for a while i just couldn't handle it, but Ubuntu was so unbelievably easy to use, it just blew me away! Even my 50 year old mum can work it without having to ask me a single question about how (as she used to frequently with Windows). Everyone must show some Dapper love! Infinity <3 Ubuntu 4eva!
  8. wow, i didn't even look at the dates... lol... oh well...
  9. muha! Now I can listen to my Ogg Podcasts in iTunes! Thanks so much for this!
  10. fixed it now. It was a registry problem apparently... a simple reinstall fixed it. I really should have tried that before asking here... oh well... thanks people
  11. Is anyone else having problesm with the iScrobbler plugin with iTunes 5. Mine is failing to handshake with the server all the time. I am running iTunes, iScrobbler 1.1.0 and Multi-Plugin 2.0 (I don't know why that is relevant but you never know). Any help?
  12. This looks really cool, I like it. Most people hate to new iTunes look but I quite like it. Good work!
  13. hjslkerhewmr... that was my head smacking the keyboard... simply incredible Andreas! Great work
  14. 5 things I hate about the new iTunes: 1. The lack of space - everything is too squashed up, like the menu bar etc. 2. The square song info box - it just looks nasty 3. Vol control being at the player control's side, not underneath 4. The new toolbar buttons along the bottom... yuk 5. The new min/max/close buttons, damn their bad (ye and I know I don't have to keep them once MPlugin is around but still, they are disgusting. 5 Things I love about the new iTunes: 1. The new Source List design... yummy 2. The new Plasticised (gradiented) title-bar - yeah i know you guys all hate it, but I quite
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