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  1. No, it's not supposed to do that. All that you have to do it put the SwiftShader .dlls into the same directory as the RkLauncher directory. Be sure that you have all of the files from the rar.
  2. Hey you guys, I know that i am new but i have had a lot of experience posting on forums. Belive me. Anyway im a mac fanboy and i love RK launcher. I downloaded the RK launcher iVista package and it worked. Oh and btw - I am using Windows XP SP2 Home Edition. So anyways everything worked suprisingly so I thought that it was nice. I have an Objectbar skin, truetransparency and everything running and it is really nice except for the fact that i would like the genie effect instead of the scale effect. When i change the minimize setting to Alladins lamp, and when i try to minimize, it tells me "
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