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  1. Well for the past couple weeks I have been having some DSL issues. My download speed has gone from 85-90kbps to about 986bites... yes bites...per second. Connecting to websites is a challenge as well. I used to search the web very fast, now it may take 5 minutes to connect to a sight. Many times Firefox will notify me with a (network timeout) whatever that is. However there is one way that I can get a descent connection( about 1/3 as fast as a month ago). When I'm searching the web, if I open Network Connections ( on my windows xp servise pack 3), right click on my DSL Connection and click pro
  2. Cool, thnx you guys. =) I'll be downloading RealWorldIconEditor 2008 in a bit.
  3. Yo, I'm using Stylebuilder to make an Msstyle and everything is going smoothly except for one thing. I'm editing a taskbar image in GIMP (cool program by the way), I'm having trouble making the taskbar transparent. All the tutorials online show how to make an image "deleted" not transparent. Anyone know how I can make my image transparent?
  4. who cares if he asked it in the wrong section, the only bad thing that happened was you guys (and me) wasted space by commmenting on something that has nothing to do with ultimatsz's post. Honestly calm down.
  5. It's cool, but the taskbar is a bit to transparent. http://skattertech.com/media/2007/10/apple...-screenshot.jpg
  6. Friendlyfire

    My VS

    I agree with Furikuu, a black border around the whole windows would look much better than just the title bar. A thinker titlebar like in Mac os x will make it much cooler.
  7. I love the start button. Will this be made for xp servise pack 3 as well?
  8. Cool, cool, I love the transparency and the background.
  9. If you meen a 100% 2007 style, then this is impossible, do to the whole rearqangement of icons and tabs... or so far impossible. Unfortunately I don't know of any links to make your 2003 look somewhat like 2007. but you can download a free 60 day free trial of 2007 and.
  10. Iv'e seen this on deviant art somewhere.
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