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  1. I'm not running Vista, so not 100% how well avedesk plays with it.

    Is Avedesk running, check the systray. If it is right click it and select Control Panel. Once this is open Choose "add desklet" at the bottom of the panel. Another window should open with the Pidl Shortcuts, double one of these and an icon should appear on your desktop.

    You can now right click this icon to configure the shortcut.

    I did that many times, when that list of desklets comes up, nothing saying Pidl comes up, just a bunch of other desklets :/

    I did that many times, when that list of desklets comes up, nothing saying Pidl comes up, just a bunch of other desklets :/

    Come on, someone has to know what is going on. This is really stupid. Not everyone has XP. And yes, I did my research and found nothing. Im not the one being lazy...

    Do not bump or double post - mps69

  2. @newgriptape: I was talking to Andrew; now, please, stop double-posting! :angry:

    Regarding UAC, you don't disable it for a single application; this is done for the system as a whole.

    Okay, I have tried disabling UAC, and I have tried a clean reinstall many times. It still shows this error upon startup.

    -Btw, I'm sorry for the double post. I am not deliberately doing that...

  3. Does the program show up in your system tray? What about in your task manager?

    What are you clicking?

    Do you have the latest version?

    It does not show up in task manager or the system tray. I go into the avedesk folder I created in a convenient location and click the icon that is titled "Avedesk". The only thing that happens is a slight screen flicker :/

    Try right clicking it and selecting Run as administrator. Also disable your UAC.

    How do I disable UAC?

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  4. For whatever reason my post was deleted, I don't understand.

    I don't know what happened to you post. :/

    Anyways, basically what happens when I click the avedesk application, it doesn't start up or anything. Absolutely nothing happens.

  5. Hello, Could someone please tell me how to disable UAC for X Windows Dock? This question is of course in regards with the pesky (infamous) error message I receive upon startup.

    -I know that trying a reinstall (in places other than Program Files) usually fixes this problem, but after many reinstalls, I am getting no where, I just want this to end so that this program runs smoothly.

    Thanks! :)

  6. I've got the path to office as

    C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office12\winword.exe

    The rest of the office suite is also in there.

    Then all I do is rename the items in the dock. Tedious, but you only do it once.

    Edit: this should be in the faq. I bet lots of people won't be able to get office icons working.

    Thank you! That worked perfectly! Your right this should be in the F.A.Q.

  7. What do you mean?? Can't you navigate to the folder you installed Office to?

    I know what you are talking about, I navigated to a folder called program data which is usually not able to be viewed, and so on and so fourth, I was in the folder that contained all of the office programs (not shortcuts.) The weird part is that when I navigate to this folder when browsing on the dock, and then add one of the office programs, it still comes up as "wordicon" or whatever else it is called. BTW I am using Vista service pack one not that it helps...

  8. Earlier I asked how to get usable Microsoft Office icons. I have tried everything I know, but it keeps coming as Wordicon or Powerpointicon... I saw something about browsing to the installation folder? If this is a good solution could someone please explain how i get to this folder??? Thanks :D

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  9. i noticed this particular problem was not posted in the FAQ, and please excuse me if I have missed a this same question here with an answer.

    After arranging my icons on my dock, if I restart my computer, one icon or another will be replaced by another separator. If I remove the icon (separator)and restart my computer, yet another icon i have arranged will be turned to a separator. i don't know if anyone has come across this problem, but if you would like, i can post a screenshot. Thank for reviewing my problem.

  10. By browsing to their installation folder instead of their shortcuts when adding them.

    Can you read some posts above yours? If that helps you, please let us know; otherwise wait for some other answers that might help you. :)

    How do i navigate to that folder? everytime i add word or any of them it just comes up as word icon and such

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