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  1. nope. there is nothing having to do with pidl anywhere
  2. I did that many times, when that list of desklets comes up, nothing saying Pidl comes up, just a bunch of other desklets :/ Come on, someone has to know what is going on. This is really stupid. Not everyone has XP. And yes, I did my research and found nothing. Im not the one being lazy... Do not bump or double post - mps69
  3. Okay, I just downloaded avedesk 1.4 . I have Windows Vista, and the major reason I wanted Avedesk was for those Pidl shortcuts. I have tried redownloading this program various times, and can still find nothing having to do with the shortcuts. Is it a desklet I must download? Where?
  4. My desktop for March! Credits to the creator of this wallpaper... I absolutely love it!!!
  5. Okay, I have tried disabling UAC, and I have tried a clean reinstall many times. It still shows this error upon startup. -Btw, I'm sorry for the double post. I am not deliberately doing that...
  6. It does not show up in task manager or the system tray. I go into the avedesk folder I created in a convenient location and click the icon that is titled "Avedesk". The only thing that happens is a slight screen flicker :/ How do I disable UAC? Do not double post - use the edit function - thanks mps69
  7. I don't know what happened to you post. :/ Anyways, basically what happens when I click the avedesk application, it doesn't start up or anything. Absolutely nothing happens.
  8. Hello, Could someone please tell me how to disable UAC for X Windows Dock? This question is of course in regards with the pesky (infamous) error message I receive upon startup. -I know that trying a reinstall (in places other than Program Files) usually fixes this problem, but after many reinstalls, I am getting no where, I just want this to end so that this program runs smoothly. Thanks!
  9. Thank you! That worked perfectly! Your right this should be in the F.A.Q.
  10. I know what you are talking about, I navigated to a folder called program data which is usually not able to be viewed, and so on and so fourth, I was in the folder that contained all of the office programs (not shortcuts.) The weird part is that when I navigate to this folder when browsing on the dock, and then add one of the office programs, it still comes up as "wordicon" or whatever else it is called. BTW I am using Vista service pack one not that it helps...
  11. Well I tried downloading this, and when I clicked on Avedesk once everything was done, nothing happened. Im using Windows Vista, Service Pack 1, is this the cause?
  12. Earlier I asked how to get usable Microsoft Office icons. I have tried everything I know, but it keeps coming as Wordicon or Powerpointicon... I saw something about browsing to the installation folder? If this is a good solution could someone please explain how i get to this folder??? Thanks By Panta: triple-post removed! Please use the edit button...
  13. Ok thank you. Im sorry I must have missed this...
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