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  1. Well, if you say so... It is written for 32 bit windows and has never worked with 64 bit windows. I don't own the development tools needed to make a 64 bit version. It however still works with 32 bit windows as it has always done. If the project is considered dead for this reason, then ok.
  2. Just a small update notice. Version This version is identical to except it has an option to only load the Icons and Thumbnails that are actually within the viewport. This uses far less resources and seems faster than the earlier versions. This is also the way it works in "Finder". This option is seleced as default. If you check "Load all Icons and Thumbnails at once" it will work exactly as If you don't care about this option, don't bother to upgrade. This is the only change. It will still not work with the 64 bit explorer.
  3. @Kittieocker: I helped a friend with installing a fresh XP no SPs on a blank HD. Just for fun I also installed Cover Flow and it worked just out of the box. Maybe you replaced some essential system files with Flyakite or whatever... The menu items for pngs can be switched on and off with the settings app. @magnus: I can add esc but for now you can use F10 to close full screen. I don't see processor load going up to 100% on my computer, if that's what you mean. If your video memory is very limited you might try to decrease the backbuffer and texture sizes. I can't find any event from the explo
  4. Save this as KillLayout.reg REGEDIT4 [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Toolbar\WebBrowser] "ITBarLayout"=- [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Toolbar\ShellBrowser] "ITBarLayout"=- [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Toolbar\Explorer] "ITBarLayout"=-
  5. Freestyler has a nasty thing with locking the Toolbar layout so it won't be saved. You might need the KillLayout.reg file that comes with Cover Flow if it starts to make trouble, this way you can start over with a fresh layout. You shouldn't run the reg files from FreeStyler or the KillLayout file from Explorer but rather from the Desktop while Explorer is closed. So the sequense is something like this (I have done this several times but it seems I can never remember the order): Close explorer Run KillLayout.reg (from desktop) Run HideFlag.reg (from desktop) open explorer and enable FreeStyl
  6. So, it seems to be working, that's nice. FreeStyler toolbar aka "Mac Finder Navigation Toolbar for Windows" is right here along with some skins. Freestyler has a nasty thing with locking the Toolbar layout so you might need the KillLayout.reg file that comes with Cover Flow if it starts to make trouble. This way you can start over with a fresh layout. You shouldn't run the reg files from FreeStyler or the KillLayout file from Explorer but rather from the Desktop while Explorer is closed. I think problems with the installer can be avoided by installing the VB-runtimes first. I found a small
  7. New version available Features: Speed optimizations. Various unnecessary image scaling and reloading removed. Thumbnail extraction in background threads. Extracting thumbnails in the background lets Cover Flow respond while the thumbnail plugins are processing. There is an option to set the maximum number of background threads to more than one, but it should be use with caution since not all plugins are multithreaded by design. On my computer I have a problem with Real Video plugins that will crash Explorer if more than one background thread accesses the plugin at the same ti
  8. @aquawelt: Some Windows Explorer extensions and some Control Panel items are not displayed on computers that are running an x64-based version of Windows The workaround in the article is of course not satisfying in the long run, especially since you'll then miss your 64-bit extensions. This obviously calls for an x64 compilation of the cover flow (a little googling gives me the impression that this at the current time only can be done with the professional version of VS.NET).
  9. I currently do not have any plans to switch platform. This does not mean that its never gonna happen. I have developed applications that way before. Starting out in VB6, which is a really fast way to whip an application together, and then when everything works, rewrite it in C++. I did so with Object Studio However, by "Vista/7 safe" I guess you mean VS.NET/DirectX 9 and not Borland C++builder 2006/DirectX 9. A VS.NET license costs a smaller fortune and I don't have any budget at all for this application.
  10. @mps69: When I added the scroolbar I was considering setting a minimum height around 200+ px just like in iTunes but then again I thought that it is better not to fill it with limitiations. @aquawelt: Findexer is an explorer bar, cover flow is a toolbar, it isn't a surprise they aren't found in the same menu. I don't have Vista 64 so I can't try it out myself but a logical place would seem to be "Organize -> Layout", perhaps. I will try to see if I can find somebody who owns vista 64 who will let me debug. @bSAYZ: I think that might be a unicode thing. Maybe somebody else who
  11. That sounds good to me I just added a new version ( to the first post. About (text) resolution: The text is rendered to a RenderToSurface. In the first version this was locked to 512x512 pixels and the backbuffer was locked to half of the screen size i.e. 960x600 for a 1920x1200 screen. The new version includes the option to have the full screen button like in iTunes and also an option to select the sizes of the backbuffer and textures. If you select to use the full screen option (or if you don't but are picky with text quality) you should also set the backbuffer size to the sam
  12. Doesn't Explorer in Vista 64 have a Toolbar menu that pops up when you right click a toolbar? You should keep newer files as described in the very first post.
  13. I do understand your request but since cover flow is a toolbar it will always sit on the top. You can tweak the registry settings and register cover flow as an explorer bar (instead of a toolbar) using this method: http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/aa753590(VS.85).aspx the GUID of cover flow is {B964D79B-D625-408F-B2AB-B308806EA2DD} Unfortunately the results is still not what you want since a horizontal explorer bar always sits at the bottom: http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/cc144099(VS.85).aspx I just tried it, there is just no way to move it even if you could expect so...
  14. Thanks vhanla! That was easy to reproduce but hard to debug. The english error description is : The callee (server [not server application]) is not available and disappeared; all connections are invalid. The call may have executed. First I thought that explorer stopped responding during standby but it turned out that it is actually DirectX that goes stone cold after resuming. The only way to fix it is to poll the dx device and completely restart it if it is dead. I will upload an update with the fix later, there might be more things to add or fix. @aquawelt: I have no idea about Vista 64
  15. That's nice. As far as I can see it works just fine. The altereded settings will be visible the next time explorer is launched. If you have an explorer window open while using this handly little program, the height will be overwritten when explorer is closed. Thanks!
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