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  1. === RESOLVED === Set magnification size = icon size - no zooming occurs - labels fade away properly on mouse-out
  2. When i disable magnification effect with OD+ 1.9.535u when i move my mouse over an icon in my dock the label appears above it -- however when i move the mouse off the dock the label stays there until i move my mouse onto the dock again. i have dock set to "hide in background when not in use". this is a frustrating little problem, anyone know of a fix?
  3. PROBLEM SOLVED! After much frustration i read an MS doc all about Desktop Window Manager (DWM) which listed all the automatic ways aero could be disabled for a Window. Long story short, i found that ObjectDock.exe was set to Windows XP SP1 compatibility mode. RESOLUTION - open ObjectDock.exe properties and goto Compatiblity tab - uncheck "Run this program in compatibility mode" - click "Show settings for all users" at bottom of screen - uncheck "Run this program in compatibility mode" for all users - restart firefox - fixed.
  4. I have the same problem. I run OD+ 1.9.535u on both my Dell m1330 laptop and PC both with 4GB ram and fast processors. On my pc it works PERFECTLY running Windows Vista Ultimate SP1 32-bit. On my laptop however, whenever i open any Microsoft Office program, MSN Messenger, or Firefox it displays the applications without Aero styling. Firefox appears with XP theme and Office does not have transparent glass title bars. Laptop is running Windows Vista Business SP1 32-bit. I recall reading other posts having problems with Vista Business - this may be the culprit, i don't know how though.
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