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  1. I moved the installed XWindowsDock directory to another folder in order to use it as a portable app and it works great. However, the Plugin Manager doesn't show the plugins inside the "public plugins" folder. Is there any registry o xml/ini file I have to modify?
  2. Wow!! this is cool, I can even drag & drop from one app to another using the apps exposè. Thanks so much, this is awesome release.
  3. Thank you for sharing such amazing source codes, both of you. I've seen Stardock's WindowFX has many other animations, maybe that library could have a bunch of different animations... Though I'm not good at programming, but just some ideas. BTW Systray doesn't work correctly on Vista 64bits, but on my XP pc works great. Hey vhanla, you could add that to that dock.
  4. Thanks my friend, I tested and works. But it is slow and sometimes while animating, it draws incorrectly. Maybe is because you're using the constant value STEP = 18 as a skip to accelerate the slow animation, but with STEP=1 it works great, but too slow. I'm not good at graphics too, you know it, so I hope you can improve it. BTW: It would be good to add directions to minimize to. And of course the restore animation too. Regards!
  5. Hi, I'm trying to use RKLauncher RKGenieEffectDX DLLibrary I found out that it has the following exports - EffectCreate - EffectDestroy - EffectGetDisplayName - EffectNextStep But I have no idea about the parameters they need. I'd like to use it to animate the minimization to the normal taskbar buttons. It would be good if someone could also improve vhanla's genie effect posted here http://www.aqua-soft.org/forum/index.php?s...st&p=526090 as a DLL would be perfect, so anyone could use at any dock/docklet
  6. Are you sure you had Flash Player 10 installed - because maybe you only have the plugin for Netscape like browsers, like Gecko browsers (Firefox), Opera and not the ActiveX for Internet Explorer. It's needed for IE, because AFAIK there are different installers. Please try to open that swf with IE (the one available in the first post) and if it shows the same error, go to adobe http://www.adobe.com/go/EN_US-H-GET-FLASH from within IE Browser. I have been testing with Flash7, Flash8, Flash9 and Flash10 and only works with the latest one. ___________________________________________________
  7. I'm sorry I didn't mention that. I have the same problem with Windows7. However, in Windows XP SP3 it works fantastic (it replaces the background ) Maybe is something related to the version of Flash Player or Windows, besides in Win7 I got error while playing for example Youtube at fullscreen after a while. BTW, you can see if it works at their original location: http://kpicturebooth.com/. PS: I just used WebBrowser component of Delphi Yeah. I don't know about yours but my webcam for example had AutoMode Control activated, I mean Exposure and Whitebalance which it means th
  8. I get this while trying to download: Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_CONSTANT_ENCAPSED_STRING, expecting ')' in /var/www/vhosts/file2go.net/httpdocs/download.php on line 30
  9. I don't know about Vista, but I also tested on Win7 and it works correctly NEW: I added the Animated Backgrounds in the third page of effects which weren't present in the previous exefile, so there are 8 more files inside the standalone exefile as you can see in the screenshot. Running on Win7 with 5 animated backgrounds and 3 static ones You can get it here: PhotoBooth + BG 4.9 MB (5,057,998 bytes) Just if you don't know, the following...... Requirements: - Adobe Flash Player 10. - A webcam (or a virtual one like Manycam). To remember settings : Right click and ch
  10. Thanks for that SWF file... THINGS I DON'T LIKE - It's weird, but it seems that modifying settings for Flash Player is not possible with that executable. - It doesn't appear as WinExposé snapshots. - I'd wanted to have rounded window's corner. - Unmovable window * And even worst, I don't like the message in the right top corner with a button to close which doesn't close ;( But hey, don't get mad at me because I also did another executable with those things fixed, at least is working perfectly on my PC. So, I also wanted to share it and see if it works on your computers. This
  11. If you have ever used TaskSwitchXP, it has a neat feature about non MDI windows (I mean SDI ones but grouped), e.g. Delphi IDE or Lazarus or Gimp, it shows an unique Screenshot of all them, and maybe it's using a Parent and Childs using their respective rects positions in order to craft that unique snapshot., I don't really know and I'm newbie at this. That would be a great feature added. Because I do have opened many IDEs and trying to find an specific project has many choices and snapshots becomes smaller.
  12. I do use IconPackager and IconTweaker, but it seems it only shows those folder icons with the Windows Explorer (Desktop too), and if you use the Opendialog/Savedialog (from any application) the folder's icon are the old ones, they remain unchanged.
  13. Awesome, this is what gives magic the task of searching files. Some features I'd like: - Support for viewing hidden folders/files - Parameters to open, for example an specific directory to open and with a chosen kind of view (list, icons, cover flow, ...) - Rearranging by type, date, size - Mouse's wheel for scrolling pictures - Full screen option Hope some of these will be available in next releases. Thanks for giving us your time and magic with all these applications you create. Keep up the good work! Muchísimas gracias, es precísamente lo que andaba buscando, aparte de la
  14. Sometimes, while drawing, or using the middle-button to scroll down faster, and when the mouse pointer is over the area of XWindowsDock, it interferes with the work I'm doing. I disabled "Show Dock on Mouseover" but it is hard to show it again until I move the windows, and most of the times I do use maximized windows. It would be great to have an option to show the dock, for example by moving the mouse's pointer in the dock's area twice, just like knocking the bottom part of the desktop area as a door.
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