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  1. @Matonga: Thanks for the Info! I would love to make this platform independent, but I never coded in C++ or C before, so I can't really use GCC, and I never did something platform independent before. Anyway, this might be a good chance to try it, even if it will take a lot longer Have you any experience in X-Coding with Lazarus? This could be my first choice. SDL supports Pascal, so there should be no problem here (besides, that this is new for me, too )
  2. Does anybody know how to draw a String with Alignment = Justify via GDIPlus? PS: I attached 2 interface-sketches
  3. Hey Matonga, Sure, it would be great if you could implement the flapping Yeah, Gdi+ was what i thought, too. I'm only frightened how to do intends, spacings etc... But I'll try. I will do some Interface-Sketches and maybe start with the coding in the next days, then post my progress here. For Your DirectX flapping, I guess you will need the GBitmaps of the currently shown and the previous/next pages, right? Cheers and Bon Appetite
  4. Hi Developers , I want to discuss an Application, that I'm thinking about these days... I haven't started yet, I only have the idea, and need some ideas on how to approach the realization. Programming language will be Delphi, Windows the OS. Main Target Systems are "Netbook" Computers (Small Laptops with lower Screen resolution and lower performance). Project Description: I'm a big fan of Free Books and Literature, like they are available on Wikisource.org etc. One thing i really miss while reading Text online, is the aesthetic feeling. Reading a text like this in the browser is jus
  5. Log in through the login page (Log In Icon at the header, instead using the Log-in fields in the Header directly) solves both problems I can choose my Visible-Status and I'm being redirected to the last page I was on before log in Thanks you very much, Tilman!
  6. First: Thanks's a lot for the fast progress in the AS4 Skin Two questions / problems I've got with the new software: 1.) If I'm not logged in, and browse to any Subforum, Topic or Post, then I decide to log in, but after I entered my Password & Username in the fields at the top, I'm back at the Forum-Index again. With the old software, I stayed at the very same Subforum, Topic or Post, just logged in now. That was much more convenient. Is this possible in Ipb, too? 2.) Is there an option to hide my online/offline status? I had one with the last software, but can't find it in Ipb
  7. For me, everything is working fine. All PMs got transferred. So, very nice job imho! I also suggest to make the AS4-Theme the default one. Okay, it has some glitches, but it is already waaaaaay better than the default theme. I'm using it all the time and would prefer to see it, if I'm not logged in, too
  8. Hi everybody, I just want to tell you, that I leave this forum here, but I do not quit coding my Docklets for XWindowsDock. I setup a Google Group for discussing XWindowsDock and especially my docklets: http://groups.google.com/group/atreius-xwd-docklets You can keep Track on the changes to my Docklets here and still download my Docklets from my Skydrive. Greetings, Atreiu PS: I will be available through PM here, too, but I do not respond in the forum anymore.
  9. Hi Siik, i like your videos, they look very professional, with the transitions and everything. Please don't get me wrong, if i give you some suggestions: more than the first half of the vid (1:30min) is static and boring. You should do this part (moving over icons & show settings) in ~15-20sec, imho. Instead you should focus on the effects & features, and i miss a lot things here: * Show Fan-Stack & Menu-Stack, too. * Show Hover-Effect on Grid view. * Show more Detail on the Gallery, and here show the Wallpaper-Switch feature (right click on a image). * Show magnification
  10. Looks very nice! The new XCal final should be ready in about 1-2 days, so it would be really cool, if you could upload your skin-files, so i can include it into the release. Thanks! PS: Can i include your XCal-Icon, too?
  11. Did you read section B - 2 of the tutorial? I tried to explain the color value there, but maybe my english isn't good enough Please tell me, how I could make it more clear #FF1234 in HTML would be $003412FF in the inifile. (values for Red & Blue are switched, $00 added to the front)
  12. Sorry, like everything here in the XWindowsDock-Forum, my XCal is for XWindowsDock only. But you can take the source-code, and port it to RocketDock, if you want. (Or try to find someone else, to do it, if you can't code)
  13. Yes: From now on, XCal isn't restricted to English anymore It takes the default system language, instead. ("Februar" is just "February" in german )
  14. Hey, you are definitely a (skin-)developer! I expect a Carbon-Skin for the Mini-Cal from you, soon!
  15. Ah, cool! Thanks. That means, the animation totally depends on CPU. My CPU is bad (Celeron M), so CPU gets 95% and animation gets slow with more than 1 animations at the same time. With a CPU like yours, where the CPU doesn't peak to the top, 4 Animations are still ok. Let's hope native aPNG support will be more effective than my docklet
  16. Hi, i'm currently updating the XCal - MiniCal, to make it skinable. Here is a Developers Preview of this new XCal. It is not yet ready for daily use, it isn't tested much and has known bugs, so it might be unstable and might crash your computer! Please Backup your existing XCal-Folder, before testing this version! I release it, because i need you, to create skins for it, and send them to me, so I can included some skins in the final release XCal - MiniCal Skinning Tutorial (If something is wrong, missing or not working, please leave a comment.) A: Fast start 1. Navigate to
  17. Thanks a lot, Churchpunk! You only forgot to mention one important thing: How was the animation looking? Smooth or slow?
  18. Well, i stopped publishing on the Update-Tracker, since i was the only one publishing there and the automatic RSS-Feed on Skydrive does a similar job without additional work by me. Consider the Thread only as frozen, please, as soon as some other people start publishing there work there, i'm in again, too. (I have to write a Feed-Entry on the Update-track to let everybody know this...)
  19. If you only enter a URL, XMail doesn't know, which Program will open the URL (your default program should open it) => no Running Indicator. It doesn't make sense, too, because I won't check the URL you are currently visiting, the running indicator would be on the whole time, while you are browsing. => So, running indicator only works and makes sense with Email-Programs like Thunderbird. To open the URL in Safari, you have to use a parameter. I guess something like ["C:/youpathto/Safari/Safari.exe" http://mail.google.com] (the text between the [ ]). But I don't have Safari, so i can't c
  20. That's what I was trying to explain, when I referred to my post at the Bug-Thread http://www.aqua-soft.org/board/showthread....2782#post522782 Edit: About performance: can you tell me, how well do multiple Animations go for you? If I have 3 x XAnimation on my Docklet next to each other, set "Animate on Mouse Over" for every one, and then move my mouse over all of them, so there are 3 Animation at the same time, the performance is really bad. CPU goes up to 95% and the animation is very slow. But my PC is 3 years old, so.... How does it work for you? I wish i could improve performance
  21. Hi Churchpunk, due to a Bug in the API, looping is not working very well (the looping yes, but it doesn't stop correct ). I implemented it anyway, so you can try it. Also I did some minor performance improvements, I don't know if they can be felt. But it's worth to download the update, I think. Is it possible, that you can share any of your animated Icons?
  22. Docklet API-Bug function X_OnMouseLeave(Index: Integer): Boolean; doesn't work correctly. It is only triggered, when the Mouse leaves the Docklet AND it enters another Icon. If i move to Mouse from the Docklet, but don't touch another Icon, the function is not triggered. Edit: You can test the Bug with the new XAnimation - update. Set in the options "Animation on Mouse Over" and "Loop". The Looping is stopped, when X_OnMouseLeave(); is triggered. But this isn't always the case, see screenshot.
  23. Hey, it will take a while, till sound-notification is implemented... But Running Indicator should work with the current Version (v0.30). If it doesn't work for you, please tell me what your "run on click" command (last Tab in the settings) is.
  24. Which Docklets do you use, please? Can you try with a fresh install but without any Docklet for a week or so, to see if an Docklet or the Dock is causing it? But it's a very stranger Error... any Idea what this "boost"-thing is?
  25. Hey, I just fusioned my XLauncher with an old Prototyp (some might remember it). The result is XAnimation - Docklet. It's pretty usuable, I think Of course it can not replace native aPNG support, but until Bobah implemented that, it's a good replacement, I think. And I could need your help: Please create or port (with permission) some animated Icons and upload them to the Skin-Thread. Look at the sample-animation in XAnimation/default/ to see how it works. Try different Icon-Sizes (64x64-512x512) and see, if it makes any difference in the performance. (You don't have to fear, that
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