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  1. Top 3 of now... So Easy - Röyksopp (20) Flames - VAST (20) Tell Me Why - Paul Van Dyk (20) I rarely listen to a song from start to end...
  2. BitTorrent has crashed my system a few times before (iTunes in the bground). other than that nothing else has crashed and burned... There's been a few hangs here and there (virtual pc + not enough ram + me trying to flog my system) but my system has resolved itself. The iApps behave themselves quite well.
  3. Thanks for the info guys. That makes a lot of sense... Pity the 'Finder' is not as customizable as 'explorer'...
  4. I like using the finder without the "toolbar" (cmd+alt+t). My only problem with this method is that it opens a new window each 'link' within the icon view... I want to use the finder, with no toolbar, and still be able to browse my contents without opening a new window per 'level' of browsing... If I browse *with* the 'toolbar', the finder browses within the same window. Without the toolbar it doesn't... Does anybody know a way to remedy this problem? I've attached a pic of the 'toolbarless' window to help explain myself... grab.tiff
  5. tis all setup now. thankyou so very much...
  6. Cheers NilColor, I'm refreshing my inbox every few mins. I think it's a problem with hotmail... most people seem to think that hotmail filters gmail invites. I'm not too sure what to believe. I found this bit of info quite interesting.: "If someone didn't get an invite, GMail stores the invite emails in your Sent Messages folder. Open up the message you tried to send to the person, and it will have the activation link in it. Give that link to the person you tried to invite, and they can set their account up."
  7. These are awesome. I love the Traktor Dj one. So stylish.
  8. Are you for real...? -I'm pretty sure the iPod wasn't banned in Australia... I have one in my pocket right now. If I took it out and showed it round, would I be a bad-ass?
  9. I just bought myself a lil' iBook. I'm very impressed. (Very poor now too).
  10. Very nice indeed. Using em right now. Me too.
  11. I can't "finish" this thing either... Hopefully it's Ave's humour not our stupidity.
  12. Look's good from the screenie. Gook luck.
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