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  1. Next I have not received any warning, and another is the first time I received a response, then do not come with warning! By Panta: moved. Doesn't belong to the main thread...
  2. All right, I will get used to the English even know if there will not provide! Thank you! By Panta: moved. Doesn't belong to the main thread...
  3. Pt-br for XWD 5.4??? Please By Panta: moved. Doesn't belong to the main thread...
  4. how do I get the reflection of the icons? Dock does not appear in my reflection! By Panta: moved. I'll start deleting posts at the wrong thread!
  5. BOBAH13 this will continue their work? a new update for example, but your work is great! Very good! type a version of the new year, I do not know if there is already in Ukraine, in a month for example a version in 2009
  6. PT-BR.xml professional for XWD 5.2.3????? be available? PLEASE!!!!
  7. Hey não vai ter o Pt-br pra nova 5.2.3?????? Hey will not have the Pt-br for new 5.2.3????
  8. very much worth it!!!!!!!!!!!!!! this was exactly what I needed!!!!! thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. how to extract the skins? XWindows Dock folderTools>XSkinMaker.exe/u Config.txt SkinName OK?
  10. Hey Denis700 I have as you provide me the version 5.2.2 skin ???? Just need this!!!!!thanks!!
  11. OOO my god how I create new skins! Sorry!
  12. I use a new entrance to register? devo usar uma nova entrada de registro?
  13. as I create new skins for dock? como eu crio novas peles para dock? which the configuration should I use now? qual a configuração eu devo usar agora?
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