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  1. Just create an indicator that has an empty space (e.g. transparency) below the actual image
  2. The things you mentioned dont work for me either... I believe it just cant be done by the program. I looked through several ini's and modified mine quite a bit, but didnt find a way to add smoothing to the mentioned areas. If someone more experienced could shed some light on this I would be very happy
  3. This is ridiculus! In what way is the "copy protection", if you will, of snow leopard different from leopard. Mac OS for every Computer is certainly not going to happen.
  4. Dude this is totally awesome. IT has everything I ever wanted! Kudos to Christian for this awesome app. And its the fastest ive seen. One request do I have, however. I would love to be able to right-click stack items to access their context menu.
  5. It seriously looks like a defect in the Battery. I would send it in to customer support for replacement. Is the thing still under warranty?
  6. Simple: The reason for Mac OS X being superior to Windows is that the Apple OS is programmed only for the specific Hardware of Apple computers. Windows however needs to be compatible to an incredibly wide range of hardware setups and is therefore a lot more compeicated and unstable/slow. Making Mac OS X availiable for every computer would destroy this mayor advantage of the OS. So it IS possible to boot "vanilla" OS X DVD's with PCEFI, however only with hardware similar to that in the Apple computer product line. So no, there is no equivalent to Bootcamp for PC, and that is good that way.
  7. You mean something like this?
  8. I can really recommend Launchy or Executor as Spotlight Clones. Simply the best, and more sleek and secure than the Google solution, if your interested in privacy, that is.
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