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  1. heehee, vista-style preview
  2. Your picture (from what i could see of it) looked a bit like Objectbar. TBH it's the best way of changing them. There is also ResHacker I think does the job but it's potentially harmful to your programs.
  3. Fifa '05, wow, I remember getting like 10 goals from the goalie in one match and chipping it over the goalies head to score. good times
  4. i like it, i absolutely love the icons on services at the top and as you click them it drags down to it. never seen that before and you portfolio is very nice. IMO it's a great site and doesn't need to be changed really. but that's just my opinion
  5. First one from my new Vista comp
  6. i picked rocketdock, but XWindows is king. it is the best.
  7. ooh this is a very nice skin. I'd probably use it, except I'm using vista
  8. Ultim is from the wrestler Ultimo Dragon, waaaay back, probably in like 2002/3, when I was like 8 or 9, I loved wrestling at that point in my life. Recently i've changed my usernames to jackehBLUD because I like the way it sounds and I like grime music so it all goes into place and my name is Jack haha.
  9. I do kinda, I won't go and buy lots of CD's of classical artists and things like that, yet if there's a song like maybe on a video or whatever, i'll gladly listen to it. It's very peaceful music, which is good.
  10. Very original site. Something I've needed for a long time, now I can get all the cool looking wallpapers I see on some of the Desktop '09 posts haha. It's a site that's definitely on my Bookmarks Toolbar.
  11. The A-S skin is good, only bad thing is that the add reply buttons are totally messed, they're way on the left. Good to be back to A-S, I was getting bored of PR and Myspace
  12. Wow very nice. Very simple and that's what makes a good set of anything IMO. Thanks for sharing them.
  13. I'd say GoW2. GTA:IV is good but nothing close to GoW and CoD:[email protected] is a complete binary copy of CoD4 in a WW2 setting.
  14. I don't know exactly know to fix it, but my uncle has a Macbook Pro just like that and he spilt a drink on it, and he tapped the spacebar rapidly a few times and it worked fine again (And all his keys). That was probably a fluke, but still try it
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