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  1. http://rapidshare.com/files/86362787/AvePreview2.3.rar ;D
  2. Put in your apps folder. Run the program, using the values in my post. It´s done. []´s
  3. Well kidows... i get the way to get the transparency back with the ob_mod enabled. Thanks to the great blend program: http://www.aqua-soft.org/board/showthread....highlight=blend From the user devrexster, the transparency now works like a charm. Get the program on the linked thread, running it, click the "+" button , check the box "Enable" ... in the option " Path / Filter Option Scroll " set to... "executable file full path " ... now is just move the cursor as described, to your bar of OB. You'll see the entire path of the program. Select the desired level of transparency. Click "Acce
  4. I think is your stackdocklet Mat. I have the same problem with earlier versions of RKdock. In RK´s nightly build, this does not happen to me. BTW... with the option " Allways, plus 3 first itens " the stack icon dont get the content of folder icons fit correctly lyke when i use the stack´s in the OD. See the attachment... Tested with... StackDocklet-preview-FileSystemFoldersOnly, and the last build Sorry if i put this here. And sorry any lack in my english. []´s
  5. Other option.. https://addons.mozilla.org/pt-PT/firefox/addon/1298
  6. I'm having the same problem! Apparently, the modified objectbar.exe is not activating the option in Advanced / Override skin-set bar transparency. With that moded objectbar.exe should be used for the ob_mod work, the bar does not show more transparency in the same way as in the default objectbar. exe . Well, no need to say that without being with the moded .exe, the obmod.dll will not work, then .. or I have the menu bar transparent without the mod working, or i have to use the bar without transparency and with the mod working. = /
  7. This man is unstoppable!! ^^ Nice to see someone like you, keep going the emu scene alive. I would very much like to in some sense, can help, but I am only an observer rooting for the development of the project. If you get something like that, on stable, that together with Flyng Cow, can be run as well as the stack docklet was, is a very welcome addition for those who wish to have an emulation of the OS-X at least competent. Who knows, you could share your progress with the staff of the Cairo Team, for whom you know, get some kind of hint that interest. What do you think? Success in t
  8. New generation of Macintosh OS-X "Snow Leopard" to suport Cocoa Finder and ImageBoot " Apple next-generation Snow Leopard operating system will introduce a massive re-write of the Mac OS X Finder and debut a new feature called ImageBoot. Cocoa-based Finder People familiar with matter say the Finder, which currently stands as one of the oldest Carbon-based applications in the Mac OS portfolio, has been completely re-written in the company's native object-oriented application program environment called Cocoa. Apple has reportedly tapped select members of its developer community to begin te
  9. For those who want match the color of your WB Theme or msstyle, with your FF3 Skin... The code for Stylish or the usual userChrome.css : /* background color for all toolbars */ toolbox, #toolbar-menubar, #nav-bar, #PersonalToolbar, #FindToolbar, tabbox, sidebarheader, #sidebar-box, window statusbarpanel { -moz-appearance: none !important; background-color: #B1B4B3 !important; } Just change the hex color value in the italic type field with a color choice of your own. Ex. " #C0C0C0 " for a silver aproach or " #A9A9A9 " for a Dark Gray lyke. Here a link with some e
  10. Sorry for the poor quality of the screencap! Imageshack it´s a pain in the *** ! =/ 1st attempt in a gray & black aproach. A quite more work to do, but for now, im tired! xP Sorry the english!! []´s
  11. Hy guys! Brazil´s here!! Great forum and great users. []´s
  12. Or the ANA upscalling chip have a problem ! I see a lots of cases here in Brazil with this particular thing on this issue with the ANA Chip. Here we have the same guaranty of 3yrs for technical issues with the console. If he contact the M$ service for this problem, maybe he can got this problem resolved because this is an problem with the way that M$ use to soldering the chips (Lead Free)... this make them a quite loss in quality and resistance. Dont make any mess lyke get the console in " Berzerk Mode" like hot them, to making the soldering soft based before that. It´s a palliative way.
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