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  1. here is a tip for vista users : move your rocketdock folder to your Desktop, or in your my documents folder. SD will not crash anymore.
  2. Björn? will you share it when it will be released?
  3. Ghostwalker, vespalino, thanks a lot ! Björn, thanks, it really rocks !
  4. wooow, thanks a lot matonga ! Do you think you can do a leopard skin too for Alilm fontbook too please?
  5. Ave's / alilm's fontbooks links aren't availables anymore so my question is : what Fontbook Clone for windows are you using? Have a nice day
  6. Damn, i'm a stupid little thing... i didn't knew that, thanks a lot here is the link : http://www.dockex.com/items/26
  7. Thanks for your answer Ghostwalker but i use Rocketdock
  8. Print screen / opening PS or paint, paste... ok that's not a lot, but a screen capture via the dock could be more fun, don't you think? I saw some people with a screen capture icon on their dock (capture or Kapture i don't remember)
  9. Hi guys I Saw on this thread a good list of screenshot capture softwares for windows (print screen bore me ), and i have two questions about this : 1/ is there a software really close to Os X Grab Software ? 2/ Some of you, use something to capture screens via Rocketdock, but i can't find the screenshots to show you that, is what i look for ^^ thank you, have a nice day (sorry for my english)
  10. Hi guys ! we can find some close msn skins on the forum, but no one really looks like the real Messenger for Mac : http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/a...r_Mac_7.0.0.png So, after weeks of search, i come to you to ask if this skins is already available or if someone can create it, please, please, please ! Thanks a lot by advance, have a very nice day
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