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  1. May be the photo which posted here was not of high quality thats why we are not able to give you the true opinion for that.
  2. My favourite movies are - # Predator 1 and 2 # American Pie (All Series) # Home Alone
  3. I have loose my patience because of SPAM email and switched to gmail. Now there are very few mails which able to get into my inbox. But I do keep check junk box as well to check if some important mail can be at there as well.
  4. I would like to see Friends new series, and requesting director and producer to start the new series as this was the most entertaining TV program. We teenager and young fellow love this.
  5. Yeah these designs are really look cool but apple also build a ring to remote apple iPod. That ring is missing in your blog. You should add everything related with apple.
  6. Interesting thing is 4 people are still believing this that this logo is look similar to apple logos. Instead of helping school they have sued them, this is going to effect in a negative manner to the goodwill of apple.
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