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  1. Look on Cnet they have great reviews
  2. Happy Birthday Remeber tequila makes there cloths fall off
  3. yes i know that, It is the way you said it it came of as rude and sarcastic , next time instead of talking like I cant read the forum just message me about it
  4. Well if that does happen then I guess it was an ignorant forum, I would kindly apologize to you if you were a moderator or one that runs this forum but your not so leave me alone, Its called freedom of speech its what I fought for in iraq so just back off
  5. how about I still do it and not care what you think sounds like a plan
  6. You cannot burn music to a DVD c.d. and then play it in your car. I've tried and it is a waste of blank dvds, all though you can back up your music on it but if you're an avid buyer of music you would be constantly burning to new dvds and stuff, I suggest an external hard drive nothing expensive just something simple mabey a 80 or a 120 there not expensive, I got a 500 gig for 120 bucks so i cant imagine how cheap 80 or 120 could be and all u have to do is drag and drop your music into it and I'm pretty sure the new itunes has a feature that backs its up to the external drive.
  7. Now That Myspace Has Added WPT(World Poker Tour)Do You Think They Will Get More Users
  8. That did not work either geeze this is frustrating lol
  9. Thanks man that pic is awesome defiantly going on my background
  10. Hello Everyone Im Stg Trevor Stevenson U.S. Marines and this is my first forum and so far its very awesome
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